Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Forty-Seven


Jacki wakes up running to the toilet not feeling well. Hmmm, I wonder if it was the dinner that we had last night, thinks Jacki. Very weak, she returns to bed next to Ricky.

“My Reina, how long have you had this morning sickness?” asks Ricky, concerned with her nutrition. “Have you gone to the doctor to get your prenatal pills?”

“Baby, I didn’t think about it and this is the first time that I have had morning sickness,” replies Jacki, attempting to smile at Ricky.

He pulls her into his arms, rubs her back. “My Reina, I’m having my primo Alex check you out and get you some prenatal pills. It’s important for you and our bebe,” says Ricky, with concern.

“Si, Baby, you’re right,” replies Jacki, loving how he loves her. Jacki falls asleep again in his arms.

Is it normal to sleep so much? I need to talk to Alex, thinks Ricky, observing Jacki sleeping.

The nurse enters the room and takes his vitals. “Can you please call Doctor De La Cruz? I need to speak to him,” requests Ricky.

“Yes, Mr. De La Cruz,” replies the nurse, returning to the nurse station to call Doctor De La Cruz.

Alex walks into the room expecting to see Ricky worked up about something. Hmmm I wonder what he wants, thinks Alex, walking quietly into the room.

“Primo thanks for coming,” says Ricky smiling, looking at his primo’s curious and surprised face. “I want you to check Jacki out. My Reina is having mi bebe and I want you to get us some prenatal pills.”

“Wow, primo, congratulations! This is awesome,” replies Alex. “Our padres are going to go crazy over the bebe.”

“I know and I want to make sure everything is good. My Reina had morning sickness this morning. She said for the first time. I just want to make sure that she and the bebe are okay and that they both get the nutrients that they need,” says Ricky, looking at his primo with concern. “Is it normal to sleep so much?”

“Si primo, it is normal, especially in the first few months. She’ll be having morning sickness, sleeping more, and fainting spells. These symptoms do not last long in most cases,” states Alex, amused, smiling at his primo.

“She’s sleeping again right now, can you still check on her and the bebe?” asks Ricky, looking at Jacki’s flushed face. “Is she hot?”

“No primo, she’s okay and don’t worry, I will take her vitals right now.” replies Alex, getting closer to Jacki. “She will need to make an appointment with her gynecologist to have the bebe measured and an ultrasound taken. The whole process is very exciting.”

“El bebe sounds good primo and I will get her some prenatal pills. She still needs to make an appointment with her doctor,” says Alex, walking out to get her the pills.

“Baby, what did Alex tell you?” asks Jacki, barely remembering what he said.

“That it’s natural for you to sleep and the morning sickness will only, in most cases, last through the first months. He’s getting us your prenatal pills. He said for you to make an appointment with your gynecologist,” replies Ricky, immensely happy. “My Reina, I want to go to all your appointments.”

“Si, Baby, I would love that,” replies Jacki, kissing him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“My Reina, you need to behave because we cannot do anything in this bed and I’m still hurt,” says Ricky.

“Baby, that’s right, I forgot that you have stiches. How are you feeling today?” asks Jacki, with concern.

“I’m doing well, but I just can’t do a lot of moving,” replies Ricky, grinning, leaning in to whisper. “My Reina, you can love me when we get home and I promise not to move.”

“Baby, you’re so wicked,” replies Jacki, giggling.

“Primo, here are the pills and Jacki, you need to make an appointment with your doctor,” says Alex, happy to see them so in love.

“Gracias, Alex,” replies Jacki, blushing.

“My hijos, buenos dias,” says his Mama Lupe, walking into the room. “How are you doing today?”

“Doing good, Mama. Hola, Papa,” says Ricky, looking at his padres. “Alex just checked out Jacki and gave us her prenatal pills.”

“Mi hijo, Alex, is she okay?” asks Mama Lupe, worried that Jacki could be having problems with the bebe.

“Tia, everything is okay. Jacki needs to rest. She needs to make a regular doctor appointment and take her prenatal pills,” replies Alex, grinning at his tios. “Ricky is doing great and he can go to house now.”

“Bueno, we are here to take them to the house,” replies Papa Jorge, nodding.

They go home to the house and settle Ricky into his bed. Jacki is at his side. The phone rings and Jacki answers, it is Jessy. “Hola, hermana,” says Jacki, going to the restroom trying not to wake Ricky.

“Jacki, how is Ricky doing?” asks Jessy.

“He’s doing well, right now he is resting,” replies Jacki, wondering what is going on. “Is Papa real pissed?”

“Yeah, he is and he wants you back in the house. I just don’t get why he gets so upset. Your wedding is only a few days away,” says Jessy, shrugging her shoulders.

“Hermana, I’m not going back to stay in the house. I will go back to get my cosas. Mi Baby needs me. He was hurt and now it’s my responsibility to care for him.” says Jacki.

“Jacki, I totally agree with you and so does mi Mama,” replies Jessy. “You know that Papa is real, real old school. You’re lucky he didn’t throw Ricky out that first day.”

“Yes, I know, and you know that I have been trying to please him, but this is serious. I’m not backing down, Jessy,” Jacki is frustrated with her Papa. Hmmm I better calm down, thinks Jacki, taking a deep breath.

“Okay, Jacki, I’ll try to calm him down and to make him see that this is serious,” replies Jessy. “I have to let you go, I have lots of work to do.”

Hmmm, should I try to go over and talk some reason into mi Papa? I really don’t want to argue with him, I do love him, ponders Jacki.

Jacki returns to the room and she sees that Ricky is awake, looking at her.

“My Reina, I don’t want you to have any problemas with your padre. It is only a few more days away from our wedding in the church and that will please him,” says Ricky, wincing from the pain of the stiches and the broken ribs when he moves.

“Baby, where’s your medication so I can give you some. It looks like they’re wearing off.” replies Jacki, going to look at the paper bags from the hospital.

“My Reina, I’m serious,” says Ricky, almost in a whisper, feeling the pain each time he breaths or talks.

“Baby, I want you to forget about it. You’re mi esposo and I’m taking care of you. That’s it,” replies Jacki, firmly.

She locates the medication and quickly gives Ricky the pills with some water.

In a few minutes he falls asleep and she rests right next to him, holding his hand. I will not leave him, no way in hell, thinks Jacki, as she falls asleep.

Jacki wakes up and looks into Ricky’s beautiful green eyes. “Baby, te amo,” says Jacki, giving him a beso, thanking dios that he is alive.

“My Reina,” replies Ricky, with love, stroking her cheek. “Estas tan Bella (You are so beautiful).”

“Ricky, stay right there. I don’t want you to pull your stiches,” replies Jacki, getting up to get him some water. “Do you need more pain killers?”

“Si, it’s starting to hurt,” says Ricky, looking at his esposa con happiness.

“Baby, I’m going to go to my house and get some of my clothes. I’m also going to talk to my Padre,” says Jacki, looking into Ricky’s eyes. She gives him his medication with a glass of water. “I’ll be right back.”

“Si, my Reina, but I don’t want your padre to get upset at you. I want our marriage to be happy even for our padres,” replies Ricky, looking into his esposa’s eyes.

“Si, Baby, and I will talk to him,” says Jacki. “No worrying, okay?” she sits next to him, rubbing his brows as he falls asleep.

Hmmm, he’s asleep and I’m going to mi house to talk to mi padre, thinks Jacki, grabbing her purse. Good thing that we live around the corner and I will bring back mi car with some cosas. Jacki walks out of the house.

A few minutes later, Jacki walks into her house and seeks out her padres. “Mama, Papa,” calls out Jacki. She walks into the familia room, looking at her padres watching a show on the television.

“Si, mi hija,” says her Mama Rosa, standing to hug her hija. “How is Ricardo?”

“Mama, Ricky is doing better. He has some broken ribs, two broken fingers, and lots of bruises,” replies Jacki, smiling at her Mama, turning to her Padre. “Papa, I came to talk to you.”

“Si, mi hija,” says her Padre Juan, looking at Jacki full of rage. “I told you and Ricardo very clearly that you will stay in mi house until after the church ceremony has taken place. You are disobeying my ordenes!”

“No Padre, we are not disobeying your ordenes. I am taking care of mi esposo that is hurt. We are married by the civil law and dios knows we will be married in our church on Saturday the 18th. That is only nine more dias,” replies Jacki, looking at her padre with frustration and compassion for his desires.

“Mi hija, Ricardo is not dying and he’s now in his house with his familia. You can attend to him in the day but you need to come to my house in the noches until your wedding,” commands her Padre Juan.

“Padre, I will not leave my esposo’s side and he needs me,” replies Jacki, turning away to go to her room to get some ropa.

“Mi hija,” calls out her Mama Rosa, feeling pain and frustration with her esposo’s attitude.

“We need to allow Jacki to attend to her esposo. They are married by the civil law,” says her Mama, looking at her esposo. “Your being muy duro.”

“Si mujer, pero asi soy,” replies her esposo Juan with a stuborn look in his eyes. “It has to be the way that I say.”

“You’re not being fair, Jacki is truly in love with her esposo,” replies Mama Rosa. “She will stay with Ricardo.”

“Jacki is not going to stay with Ricardo,” roars Papa Juan, with anger. “If she does, I will not speak to her ever again.”

“Juan, don’t say that,” replies Mama Rosa with tears in her eyes. “Jacki and Ricardo are married.”

“Yes, but not by our faith, the church!” thunders Papa Juan, with anger, sitting down on his sofa.

Jacki returns to her padres to say adios. She has tears in her eyes. “Adios Mama, Papa,” says Jacki, walking to her Mama to give her a hug.

“Dios te bendiga mi hija and a tu esposo Ricardo,” says her Mama Rosa, tears falling down her face.

“Adios, Papa,” says Jacki, walking towards him to give him a hug.

“No Jacqueline, you will not stay with Ricardo at night. If you don’t return to sleep in mi house tonight, I will not talk to you,” states her Papa Juan with rage.

“I’m sorry, padre,” replies Jacki, walking away from her padre going to the door.

She picks up her luggage and walks out of the house with tears running down her cheeks. Jacki can hear her Mama Rosa crying as she leaves.


Chapter Forty-Eight


As usual the entire familia is at the Sunday dinner. They are excited with the recent news. The familia is thrilled and the new couples are absorbed with their spouses. They’re in their own world and didn’t notice anything or anybody else.

“Baby, you need to get Tony to go to the house and rest. He’s not looking well,” replies Jacki, looking at Tony’s pale complexion and red eyes. “Your padres will notice and get real worried with what is transpiring.”

“Si, my Reina, I will try,” says Ricky, looking at his hermano.

Tony is sitting at the mesa, attempting to eat his dinner and trying to ignore his headache. What in the fucking diablos was I thinking drinking all of that tequila? I feel like hell. I’m dying even now after hours of sleep, thinks Tony, in misery.

Ricky is sitting next to him and his esposa on his other side. “Hermano, are you buen?” asks Ricky, looking at how pale and gray Tony looks.  “Go para the house and rest some more. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to visit Cynthia esta noche.”

“Que the chengada Ricardo, I’m going esta noche even if I die trying!” spits out Tony, through clenched teeth in a low growl. He’s trying not to give his plan away. I don’t want my primos to try and stop me. It’s bad enough that Ricky is on my back, ponders Tony, with anger.

“Tony, estas loco, and you need to rest. You need to be with it before you try to get Cynthia out of her house with all of those guards,” replies Ricky, trying to keep control of the situation.

Tony turns to look at his hermano. “No te metas (Don’t butt in),” says Tony, through clenched teeth taking a drink of his water, trying to kill the thirst.

Ricky looks at Jose Enrique to have him come over with Christian. He then turns to look at Alex and Javier to get them to come over to help out. We need to stop Tony before Lopez kills him.

“Mi amor, can you give me a minute? I need to talk to Tony,” asks Jose Enrique, whispering in Jessy’s ear and giving her a beso.

“Si, mi vida, I’ll just talk to Jacki,” agrees Jessy, waving Jacki over to allow the primos some privacy.

“Christian, I need a minute. Will that be okay, Mona?” asks Jose Enrique, looking at her, waiting for her response.

“Yes, of course,” replies Mona, smiling, giving Christian a beso. She walks over to Veronica and Claudia to get to know them better.

“Que pasa, Ricky?” asks Jose Enrique, sitting behind Tony. Christian sits on Tony’s other side blocking him in.

“What’s up?” asks Alex, standing in front of Tony, noticing that he’s not looking so well.

“Primo, are you okay?” asks Javier, noticing how gray his complexion is and how his eyes are bloodshot.

“Hermano, you need to listen to reason. Eres un hombre and not a niño. You need to stop being stubborn,” says Ricky, with anger and fear.

♥  ♥  ♥

The next morning, Papa Jorge calls Ricky early in the morning. “Mi Hijo,” croaks Papa Jorge. His voice is closing up with the intense emotions that he’s feeling. Tears falling down his face, he turns to Jose Enrique, and hands him the cell phone.

Jose Enrique takes the cell from his Tio Jorge. “Primo, Tony is unconscious and has a mild traumatic brain injury, M.T.B.I, a concussion,” says Jose Enrique, with pain.

“How did this happen?” asks Ricky with fear and frustration. “Que the chengada esta pasando con Tony (What in hell is happening to Tony). I can’t move. How can I help my hermano?”

“Right now, we need to pray that he wakes up. Calm down, primo. We’ll take care of the other issues later,” replies Jose Enrique, thinking of Lopez. “I’ll call Lopez and try to find out if he’s involved in this.”

“Si, primo, and let me know the status of mi hermano,” replies Ricky, with a heavy heart.

“Si primo, no worries. I’m here,” replies Jose Enrique, knowing that he’ll need to stay here with Tony to make sure everything is going well.

“What’s going on?” asks Jacki, looking at Ricky.

“My Reina, Tony is at the ER and is hurt. I don’t have the details,” says Ricky, with frustration and fear. “I’m frustrated that I can’t move to help mi hermano.”

“Baby, we have to have faith, dios will take care of Tony. If you weren’t hurt, you still couldn’t do anything for him, right?” asks Jacki, attempting to get Ricky to calm down.  “We’ll go over to the hospital to see him in a few, okay?”

Ricky realizes that Jacki is correct. I still couldn’t stop Tony even if I wasn’t hurt. He would have still sneaked out and done what he wanted. Si, my Reina is right. I need to calm down and get ready to go check out Tony at the hospital.  “Si, my Reina, you’re right. Please help me get ready so we can visit Tony,” says Ricky, with a weak smile.

Ricky and Jacki walk down the hall of the hospital after checking in with his padres in the waiting room. Tony is still hurt and the doctors are attending to him. Ricky and Jacki aren’t allowed to visit him.

Ricky is feeling tired and is hurting. “My Reina, after we sign the papers for our house, we need to return home. I’m hurting and I’m tired,” says Ricky, clenching his jaw.

“Si Baby, I agree. Here’s your medication. Please take it so the pain will subside,” says Jacki, handing him the medication before exiting the hospital.

They arrive at the house after signing the purchase papers. Ricky goes directly to his room. Jacki assists him into bed, caressing his brow tenderly. Ricky falls asleep. Jacki starts to read her romance novel.

The next day, Ricky is feeling a little better. Jacki is finishing applying her makeup. Ricky is waiting for her to finish. “My Reina, I’m so glad that I woke up a lot better. Today is so exciting. I can go with you to monitor the delivery of our furniture,” says Ricky, smiling with pleasure. “I’m so happy that our house is going to be ready for us next week.”

“Si Baby, I’m in heaven. We need to also purchase our bebe’s crib for the nursery. I want to also select the paint. That we can do a little later, baby, because remember that you agreed that we will put the crib in our room in the little sitting area,” says Jacki, turning to observe Ricky’s reaction. “I want our bebe next to us until he’s a little older. Okay?”

Ricky smiles at Jacki with pleasure. Si, my Reina is very nourishing and will be an awesome Mama. I know that I’m going to be extremely happy with mi Jacki, thinks Ricky, nodding. “Yes my Reina, I agree. It’s best for our bebe to be near us until you feel he’s old enough to be in his room. We can fix his nursery later and we can select the theme for his room.”

“I heard mi Mama talking about Angel Nicolas’ nursery a few days ago. You know that Nicolas has returned. The familia is happy,” says Ricky, standing from the chair.

“Si Baby, this is so exciting. Okay I’m ready,” says Jacki, smiling at Ricky, taking his arm to assist him to walk.

Ricky and Jacki spend all day at their house getting it ready. Jacki arranges the kitchen appliances and Ricky watches television on the sofa. They order pizza and enjoy their day together.

The next few days Ricky and Jacki spend all day at their house, getting it ready and arranging their personal items. Jacki orders and has the local store deliver some groceries. Jacki cooks Ricky several meals. Ricky loves it. They enjoy every minute. Nobody knows that the house is ready. They want to keep it their secret, their haven.

“Mi amor, this has been great. I loved spending our days in our house. I love your cooking. I can’t wait to be able to love you again. This has been hell,” says Ricky, waiting for Jacki to lean in to give him a beso.

“Si, Baby, I agree. It has been heaven. I hope that you will be feeling better manana. Our boda is finally here. We will be going to our luna de miel in two days. I want you, I need you. Te amo mucho, Ricardo,” says Jacki, giving him another hot hungry beso. “I have to go to my padres’ house. I’m going to miss you tonight. I love sleeping close to you.”

Ricky has his hand at the back of her neck. He pulls her close again for another hot hungry beso. “My Reina, you know that I want you and I need you,” moans Ricky, with hungry pasión. “I love you, te amo.”

“Baby, I love you,” says Jacki, gazing deeply into his hermoso green eyes. “I will see you manana at the church. I can’t wait for our boda to take place. I hope that you can make love tomorrow night.”

“Si my Reina, I will, I will make damn sure that I can,” says Ricky, grinning. “My ribs didn’t hurt that much today and I know that we can be creative.”

“Si Baby, I pray that you will be better manana,” says Jacki, grinning with pleasure. She gives him another beso before leaving.

Jackie returns to her padre’s house on Friday the day before her church boda. I really want to stay with mi Baby, but I know that mi padre is already furious that I haven’t stayed en house all of these days. I don’t know what he expected me to do. I’m married and Ricky is my esposo and he was hurt. I couldn’t leave him alone when he needed me more than ever. I hope that mi padre at least acknowledges the sacrifice that I’m doing to please him a little, thinks Jacki, unhappily.

She walks into the house and goes to the familia room seeking her padres. I know that my padres are watching the Spanish novela, thinks Jacki.

“Padres, I’m back en house and staying tonight to leave from the house for mi boda manana,” says Jacki, smiling at her padres. “Ricky is feeling a lot better now. We also signed for our house this week. We have been real busy getting it ready for when we return from our luna de miel,” says Jacki.

Jacki’s Mama is real happy to hear that Ricky is feeling better and that they have signed for their house. Her Mama understands the situation. “Mi hija, that’s wonderful, gracias a dios that Ricky is okay. He recovered just in time for the boda manana,” says Mama Rosa, standing to give Jacki a warm motherly hug. “Your house is ready for when you return from your luna de miel. This is so exciting and I am muy happy with your esposo. He is a great hombre.”

“Gracias, Mama,” replies Jacki, looking at her padre waiting for some type of response.

Her Papa Juan does not appear to want to even say hi. Her Papa Juan continues to look out of the window thinking. I cannot look at mi hija right now. Estoy muy enojado con Jacqueline (I’m furious with Jacqueline). What was she thinking? Does Jacqueline not respect my decisions, my word? Is my word, my desires not the law in mi house? I expect mi familia to obey my orders, contemplates Papa Juan angrily. I told her she had to stay at night en my house hasta que pase the boda (until the ceremony takes place). I don’t care that she is married by the law of the United States. She is not married by the law of dios. He starts to get redder and more furious as he thinks about Jacqueline’s actions.

“Papa estas bien?” asks Jacki, as she observes her Papa start to get redder as he clenches his jaw in anger. “Papa, please calme down. We are getting married tomorrow,” says Jacki, going to him to give him a hug. “Papa, yo lo amo and estaba muy malo (I love him and he was real hurt.).”

Jacki’s tears slip down her beautiful face. How is mi padre going to hold this against me? Ricky is mi esposo and he needed me to take care of him. It is my duty, obligacion, and desire to care for mi esposo. I know that I did right. I am a mujer, una adulta, contemplates Jacki, with sorrow.

“Jacqueline, you knew how I felt about this and you still went against my deseos. You were not allowed to live with Ricardo until after the church ceremony takes place, until dios blessed your union. That is when you’re truly su esposa and not a minute before!” roars her padre in a low angry tone.

He pushes Jacki away from him so he can stand. “No estoy bien (I’m not well),” states Papa Juan, and walks away. He strides to his room closing the door with a slam, echoing throughout the house.

Jacki starts to cry sitting down on the sofa. “Mama, what am I going to do? Mi Ricky was hurt and not well. No soy una niña and si estamos casados pro the ley (I’m not a little girl and we are married by the law.),” she puts her head on her arm, crying out her grief.

Does this mean that mi padre will not walk mi down the aisle? What am I going to do? Should I have someone else walk me down the aisle at the boda? This is unreal, ponders Jacki.

Jacki’s Mama Rosa looks at her hija crying and looks in the direction of her room where her esposo is very furious and out of control. She didn’t know who to go to talk to first. They are both right in their own ways, thinks Mama Rosa, with helplessness and frustration.

Mi hija is not doing anything wrong. I know what mi esposo thinks, but in today’s world, Jacki is Ricardo’s esposa. “Mi hija, don’t cry.  Everything will work out. I will talk some sense into tu padre. Calmate Jacqueline. Relax que manana es tu boda,” smiles her Mama Rosa, rubbing Jacki’s back.

Jacki’s Mama takes her to her room and has her stretch out on her bed. “Mi hija, please go to sleep. Manana is your boda and you should be rested. You want to look beautiful for Ricardo. I will talk to your Papa,” says her Mama Rosa, giving her a kiss before walking out of the room.


Chapter Forty-Nine


Today is the double wedding for Erica and Gabriel and Ricky and Jacki. The entire familia is excited and happy for the two couples.

Jacki looks like the Reina that Ricky adores. Her padres and hermana are exiting the white limo. They all go to stand at the side of the chapel.

They are waiting for the ceremony to start. I don’t want mi Ricky to see me until it’s time to walk in, thinks Jacki. I’m so excited. I want him to see me when I walk down the aisle towards him. I want to give you gracias dios mio for allowing mi padre to understand and for my Ricardo.

“Gracias Papa,” says Jacki, with tears in her eyes and a trembling smile.

“Si mi niña, we’ll go on from here in peace,” replies her Papa Juan giving her a warm hug. “Todo esta bien (Everything is good)”.

Si, now I’m muy happy becuase Ricardo is going to marry my niña en the house de Dios, ponders Papa Juan, with pleasure.

“Dios te bendiga, mi niña,” says her Mama Rosa, giving Jacki a warm hug and a beso. “You look extremely Bella.”

“Si hermana, you look muy Bella and Ricky is going to be so happy,” says Jessy, looking at her hermana’s amazing wedding dress.

Geeze, I should have gone to Vegas to get married. They have the most amazing wedding dresses, ponders Jessy.

Erica is extremely happy. She can’t believe that their wedding day has arrived. I’m so happy and my wedding dress is so beautiful. I’m going to be Gabriel’s esposa. Oh Dios mio, I love my Baby so much. Now we will always be together. Finally after so many weeks of waiting, our boda is here. I know that my Gabriel is going to look like a prince, contemplates Erica with happiness.

All of the familia is going to be at the ceremony. Si this is even better than I have ever dreamed. I think that it is so awesome that it’s going to be a double wedding.

“Erica, it’s time to go to the chapel. You don’t want Gabriel to get nervous or scared that you’re not showing,” says Bella, with an evil grin striding into Erica’s room. Erica and Bella walk into the living room and the entire familia is waiting for them.

“Mi hijo, do you know if Alex is running late,” asks his Mama Maria, fixing Erica’s veil.

“No Mama” replies Nicolas, turning to look at Christian.

Christian pulls out his cell to call him. Hmmm, he doesn’t answer. Maybe he’s delayed at work.

“Mama, Alex won’t answer. Maybe he’s at work,” says Christian, looking at his padres.

“Okay mi hijo, maybe he’ll meet us at the chapel,” replies his Papa Jose Arturo, walking towards Erica.

“Mi hija, your Mama and I are muy happy and we know that you are going to have a wonderful esposo. I know both of you are in love and I know that it’s a true love. Que dios los Bendiga siempre (god bless you always),” says Papa Jose Arturo, giving Erica his bendicion.

“Gracias, Papa,” responds Erica, trying not to cry and ruin her makeup, hugging her padre with lots of love.

Erica turns to her Mama and hugs her close. “I love you, Mama,” she says.

“Mi hija, I love you and I know that Gabriel is a grand hombre. God bless you,” says Mama Maria. She hugs her little niña.

“Gracias,” replies Erica, hugging her Mama with todo her corazon.

“It’s time to leave. It’s getting late and Gabriel is calling me,” says Christian, with an evil glint in his eyes. “Erica, I’m telling him that you changed your mind.”

“Christian, you better not!” screams Erica, getting hysterical. “I’ll get you, Christian.”

“Si Gabriel, we’re on our way,” says Christian, grinning, looking at the relief on her beautiful face. “Are you sure you want to marry Erica?”

“Mama!” yells Erica, with frustration, wanting to hit her hermano on the head.

“Mi hijo,” scolds Mama Maria, shaking her head at Christian. He will always torment his hermanas.

“Just kidding, Gabriel,” says Christian, laughing, walking out of the house with Monique at his side.

“Baby, you’re being mean,” says Monique, shaking her head.

“I’m just playing,” responds Christian, taking Monique to his car, assisting her into the seat.

The limo is waiting for Erica, Bella, Greg, and her padres. “Let me help you, mi hija,” says her Papa Jose Enrique, happy that his niña is getting married.

They arrive at the chapel and exit the limo. Gabriel is at the front of the doors with his familia waiting.

Damn, this is worse than going on a mission, thinks Gabriel. Finally, mi Baby is here. Now I can start to relax. Christian was just messing with me. Damn!

“Mi hijo, Erica has arrived,” says his Papa, looking at Erica exit the limo.

The priest meets them outside and asks the wedding party to get ready to start the ceremony.

The entire familia and guests walk inside the chapel to take their seats. The wedding party takes their positions to start the wedding procession down the aisle.

Gabriel’s Mama walks down the aisle with him and Ricardo’s Mama walks down the aisle with him. The groom’s best man walks down the aisle followed by the bride’s maid of honor.

Now it’s time for the brides. They start to walk down the aisle on the arm of their padres.

Jacqueline walks down first and then Erica. They look so happy and radiant. Their padres hand them over to the bridegrooms, with happiness on their faces.

Oh, dios mio, my Reina looks so Bella. I know that I have already seen her in her wedding dress, but that seems like a long time ago, thinks Ricky, beaming with happiness. Now todos can see what a Reina she is. Ricky gazes at Jacki with adoring eyes.

Mi baby looks so much better now. I’m so happy that finally we will be able to start our married vida juntos. I’m thankful that he is well, thinks Jacki, smiling at Ricky.

The ceremony starts and the priest has wonderful vows for them. The entire familia is very emotional and happy.

“Si accepto,” is repeated by Erica and Jacki, accepting taking Gabriel and Ricky as their esposos.

“Si accepto,” is repeated by Ricky and Gabriel, accepting taking Jacki and Erica as their esposas.

Ricky slides the wedding ring on Jacki’s left ring finger.

Gabriel also slides onto Erica’s left ring finger the wedding ring.

The priest pronounces them husband and wife and announces they may kiss their brides.

The familia yells and cheers for the couples. The mariachis start playing a romantic Spanish love song. The entire familia starts to clap waiting for the wedding party to exit the chapel to follow.

Si, it’s about time, thinks Ricky, pulling Jacki into his arms, giving his esposa a hungry beso. Now es toda mia, only mia for eternity, thinks Ricky, hugging her tight.


Chapter Fifty


I wonder where Alex is at. He has not arrived, ponders Mama Maria, with concern. It’s not like him to miss such an important day. I’m sure that he had requested this day off.

She turns to look at her esposo and knows that he’s also anxious. This is not right. Gracias dios mio, the wedding is finally over, thinks Mama Maria. She turns to smile. The couples are starting to walk down the aisle.

They walk down the aisle after the married couples and out of the chapel. Mama Maria turns to her esposo when the cell phone starts to ring.

“Hola,” says Papa Jose Arturo, looking at his esposa with concern.

“Hi, is this Mr. De La Cruz?” asks the Medical Assistant at the hospital.

“Yes,” replies Papa Jose Arturo, with anxiety and nervousness. “Who’s calling?”

“Mr. De La Cruz, I’m calling from Valley Medical Hospital in the ER department. I’m sad to inform you that Dr. De La Cruz has been in a car accident and is hurt,” says the Medical Assistant, with some empathy.

“Oh no, dios mio, we will be there in a few!” yells Papa Jose Arturo, looking at his esposa with anxiety. “Maria, Alex was in a car accident and is in the ER hurt. Maria, we need to leave now, ya pronto!”

“No!” yells out Mama Maria, with excruciating dolor, trying not to faint, “Mi niño!”

“Calm down Maria,” moans Papa Jose Arturo, with dolor. “We need to go to Alex.”

“Si,” replies Mama Maria, sitting down on a bench and looking around. “The wedding! They will just have to continue without us,” thinks Mama Maria, with dolor.

“Jose Arturo, please go and tell the familia. Tell them to go on ahead to the reception,” cries Mama Maria, wiping her tears with some tissue.

“Si mujer,” replies Papa Jose Arturo, striding quickly over to his hija and sobrino. They look so happy and I’m real happy for them. I still need to be with mi hijo Alex, ponders Papa Jose Arturo.

“My hijos, Alex has been in a car accident. He is in the ER hurt. Maria and I will be going to him. Please continue with your wedding reception. We will keep in contact,” says Papa Jose Arturo, trying to keep the tears at bay.

“Papa,” cries out Erica, striding quickly to her padre’s side with a torn heart. “I want you to go to Alex. We will be okay. I will tell everybody. We will be there later.”

“Si tios, we will be okay. We will all be there,” says Ricky, contemplating the familia as they start to learn of the accident.

“We’re coming with you,” says Christian, looking at Monique and the familia.

“Si, we think that’s a good idea,” agrees Jose Enrique, looking around. “We will be showing up later.”

“Si tio,” says Ricky, gazing at Jacki nodding in agreement.

“Okay, my hijos try to enjoy your day,” says Papa Jose Arturo, looking at his hermanos. “Take care of our hijos.”

His hermanos nod in agreement. “Si hermano, go to Alex, we will be praying for nuestro hijo,” replies his hermano, Francisco, striding over to Jose Arturo to give him a hug.

“Papa we’ll be there later. Danni and I will be taking care of the guests,” says Nick, giving his Mama a hug. “I will pray for mi hermano.”

“Gracias mi hijo,” replies Mama Maria, giving Nick and Danni a hug.

The familia De La Cruz is devastated with the news of Alex’s car accident. The familias’ emotional state is low. The concern for Alex’s condition is overpowering the party mood.

The wedding dinner is served and the cake is cut. The familia is in no mood to continue with the celebration. The few guests that are present decide to leave early out of respect for the familia.

The familia quickly return to their house to change their clothing. They all proceed to the hospital.

A few hours later the familia is in the waiting room waiting for some information on Alex’s condition. The wedding reception is cut a little short.


Chapter Fifty-One


“Baby, do you want to stay here and not go to our luna de miel? I’m okay with that,” asks Jacki, gathering bags in the hotel room.

“My Reina, that’s real sweet of you to offer. Alex is now okay. When we return from our luna de miel, I know that Alex will be home. Alex is in recovery now,” replies Ricky.

“Okay Baby, you’re right. It was so depressing that he was hurt on our wedding day,” says Jacki, all ready to leave to the airport.

“Si my Reina, but everything is okay now. I want to enjoy our luna de miel,” says Ricky, pulling her in his arms. “Finally we are going to be alone for the next two weeks. I can’t wait to get to our house. I’m looking forward to your cooking.”

“Oh yeah Baby, I have a menu for each day. I also have a list of the movies that I want to see. Oh, but best of all, I have my list of where I want to make love,” says Jacki, grinning. She observes Ricky’s eyes flare with hot pasión.

“My Reina, you’re not playing fair, you know that we have to leave for the airport. Now you have me all worked up,” moans Ricky, pulling her close for a hot beso.

They arrive at the terminal a few minutes before the plane finishes boarding the passengers. With relief, Ricky and Jacki board the plane.

“Baby, I’m so happy that we’re finally in our room. I’m tired,” says Jacki, walking over to the bed. She takes off her shoes to take a nap.

“Okay my Reina, I will take a walk to get a Corona. I will return in a while,” says Ricky, leaning down to give her a beso.

“Si Baby, I will only take a short nap,” replies Jacki, falling off to sleep.

Well, that’s just great. I think my Reina is tired from the pregnancy. I need to relax and be patient. She will feel better in a while. We will go out to dinner and to the clubs. Si, I’m going to enjoy our time here, ponders Ricky, walking out of the room.

Oh yeah, my Baby fell for this, thinks Jacki, giggling.  She quickly stands. I need to order everything so it will be ready. I’m taking a shower and I will dress in my nice black sexy evening gown that I bought especially for him. I know that he will love it.

Jacki makes her calls to set up the romantic dinner on the balcony. She schedules to have a group of mariachis to play in the evening, during dinner. She orders some rosas for Ricky. She also has fresh strawberries and whipped cream delivered.

Jacki quickly answers the door to get the scented candles, rosas, and fresh strawberries and whipped cream from room service.  She instructs them to bring her a nice container full of ice with Coronas.

She takes the candles, strawberries, and cream to the bathroom to arrange it all around the Jacuzzi.

Si, I know that I could have had room service do this, but I want to make sure it’s perfect. I wanted to do this all of my life. It’s my fantasy, thinks Jacki, sighing. I’m glad that they put the strawberries and whipped cream in a container that will keep them fresh.

Si, this is a dream that I had for a long time. Now I’m going to live and enjoy it with mi Baby, thinks Jacki, applying lipstick. I’m so happy that I had Jessy help me select some awesome sexy outfits for this trip. I feel sexy and beautiful for my Baby.

Ricky returns and walks over to the bedroom to check in on Jacki. I wonder if she’s feeling better. I’m ready to spend some time with her. I miss her, thinks Ricky, walking into the room carefully.

Jacki rushes into his arms as soon as he steps inside the room. “Baby!” yells Jacki, beaming.

“My Reina, you’re feeling better. That makes me real happy, because I was not happy spending time alone. I missed you,” moans Ricky, hugging her close. He buries his face in her hair inhaling her scent. “Jacqueline, I love you.”

“Si Baby, I love you,” replies Jacki, pulling back to gaze into his hermoso green eyes.

The music starts to play and Jacki pulls him out onto the balcony where the mariachis are playing outside on the beach. The dinner table is arranged beautifully. There’re several hurricane lamps and rosas around the balcony.

“Baby, te amo!” says Jacki, pulling him down for another hot beso.

“My Reina, this is incredible and te amo mucho (I love you a lot),” says Ricky, holding her close listening to the mariachis. “Jacqueline, tu eres mia (you are mine), only mia for all eternity.”

They hold each other close under the amazing huge moon enjoying the music and the waves. Ricky gives Jacqueline a hot beso, bestowing all his pasión and amor for her.

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga


Chapter Forty-One


Early Saturday morning Ricky picks up his reina to go shopping for the furniture for their casa. They buy all the furniture that they love. “Mi reina did you get everything that we need?” asks Ricky reviewing the purchase slip.

“Si Baby, we can purchase the other items later as we need them. We only need the breakfast table for now, the family furniture and of course our cuarto,” says Jacki grinning, leaning in to give him a huge beso.

“Hmm mi reina, okay, but what about the television and stereo?” asks Ricky looking back at the slip.

“Baby I did forget that and we do need them,” says Jacki looking at Ricky. “We also need to get some bedding,” she nods.

“Okay we can go get those items next,” smiles Ricky gazing at Jacki.

“Si baby, we can get the rest of these items at the next department store. We can have some lunch after the purchases,” says Jacki nodding in agreement.

Jacki selects everything that she likes. The selection of the kitchen appliances and dinnerware is a little more time consuming. Jacki loves cooking and couldn’t decide on what color and which brand she wanted. “Baby I need to make sure that I have todo what I need in the kitchen,” says Jacki smiling at Ricky. Jacki hands some additional items to the sales person.

“Okay, mi reina,” says Ricky grinning. He observes how feliz she is with selecting the appliances. Hmmm, mi reina is truly going to cook for me, this is so awesome, thinks Ricky with joy.

I want to get the bebe’s crib. Ahh, I think I better wait. I need to see if Jacki is pregnant, ponders Ricky gazing at Jacki with todo his amor. We will need to have her take a test next weekend. I can’t wait to know for certain even if my corazon tells me mi bebe is on his way, thinks Ricky. He holds Jacki close to him, while she looks at some dishes.

“Mi reina it’s time for lunch. Are you hungry?” asks Ricky concerned that it’s a little past lunch time. “Let’s eat across the street. We can get some sandwiches, salads, and drinks.”

“Baby you’re right, I’m very hungry,” replies Jacki nodding in agreement. Jacki resigns herself to take a break. Jacki looks at Ricky. “I still want to get what we need for the kitchen.”

“Mi reina we’ll return to get anything you need after we eat our lunch,” says Ricky kissing her on the cheek.

They went to get their sandwiches and sat outside under a tree to have their lunch. “Mi reina, do you want to have dinner at mis padres today? They asked me to have dinner tonight. We can also see a movie. What do you think?” asks Ricky taking a bite of his sandwich looking at his bella esposa.

Her breasts do look a little fuller. Should I ask her or should I wait, ponders Ricky dying to know.

“Si Baby that sounds good. We do need to spend some time with tus padres,” agrees Jacki nodding, taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Okay mi reina I’ll call mi mama to let her know that we’ll be having dinner with them. Mis hermanas will also be home,” says Ricky getting his cell to make the call.

“Okay baby, I just want a few more things for our kitchen. I want to have what I need to cook you some nice healthy meals,” says Jacki smiling, watching him make the call.

“Si mi reina and then we go to mis padres for the rest of the day. I don’t want you to get tired,” replies Ricky looking at her face. Hmmm she does appear to be getting tired, thinks Ricky.

“Mama, si we will have dinner, we’ll be there in a little while,” says Ricky. He smiles regarding Jacki.

“Si mi hijo, we’ll be waiting for you,” smiles Mama Lupe leaning over to get a bowl.

Jacki looks at him. I wonder what he’s up to. Ricky has been saying and doing weird things the last few days, ponders Jacki.

They spend the rest of the day at Ricky’s familia casa enjoying their visit. His hermanas take Jacki away for a few moments to have girl talk.

This does not make me happy. They’re using up some of the precious time that is for me. I know I need to share, but I want her near me, thinks Ricky very selfishly. I want her to stay with me tonight, ponders Ricky. This is so frustrating.

His hermana Veronica approaches Ricky. Ricky is watching the TV. Veronica leans in and whispers that Jacki is waiting for him in his cuarto.

He’s surprised and at the same time pleased. Yeah they’re going to cover for us, he thinks. Now I get it. He gets up trying not to draw attention to himself. He strides to his cuarto, locks the door. Ricky turns and sees Jacki is on his cama ready for him.

“Si mi reina, I have been thinking about loving you. I need you,” says Ricky taking off his clothes as quickly as possible, joining Jacki on his cama.

“Si Baby I want you.” says Jacki stroking him the way that he loves her to, hearing him groan. They did not even need to say anything else. All they desire is to make love.

Taking mi esposa back to her padre’s casa after making love to her is the hardest thing to do. I’m dying to have her in my arms all night long. She’s my esposa, thinks Ricky with frustration.

“Baby we’ll be together soon,” says Jacki trying to get him out of his sulking mood.

She reaches up to his neck, pulls him down for a hot beso, and nibbles his lower lip. Oh yeah, I love to hear him moan. “Baby we can still stay here a little bit longer,” says Jacki kissing, tasting his neck going to his shoulder. “Baby you’re so sexy, that all I want to do is love you,” she whispers in a sexy voz, instantly arousing his pasión.

Jacki feels his pasión. She straddles him, burying his hot shaft into her heart, making him whimper.

Si mi Baby is so delicious, she thinks as she rides him at her leisure, savoring every stroke. “Baby I love your hot shaft it’s so delicious,” she moans, she feels him taste her soft nipple, taking hold of her breasts.

They feel so sensitive, she thinks. Maybe it’s because of our love making. Jacki whimpers, feeling his loving, and his bite.

Ricky holds her tight, reaching their release together as one. She’s mia, only mia for eternity, he thinks, burying his face in her neck.

He takes her home a little later than normal, but its Saturday and sus padres will not notice. He parks in the drive way, pulls her into his arms.

“Mi reina I love you,” says Ricky kissing her, caressing her sweet rear. “I’m still not full, I want more.” he moans, touching her hot wet heart, making him instantly stiff.

She feels him, she unzips his pants, “Baby just one more time,” whispers Jacki, pulling out his hot throbbing shaft. Ricky adjusts his seat and she straddles him.

They moan in relief. “Si, this is so good Baby,” says Jacki kissing him, clenching and grasping him, making him moan.

He holds her hips, moves her fast and deep, reaching their release at the same time. Ricky bites her tender flesh through her top. They hug each other tight, not wanting to let go.

Ricky grabs the packet of wipes that he has stocked in his carro. He cleans her and himself. He then gets out of the carro, assists her out not saying a word.

He’s emotionally drained. So many emotions to deal with, he thinks. I’m tired.

Jacki kisses him when they reach the door, I want my esposa, he thinks. “I will be here early manana to pick you up. Eres mia Jacki and I will see you every minute of the day,” says Ricky fiercely into her ear before kissing her once more.

“Si Baby, I’ll be ready for you early at seven?” responds Jacki looking into his sad eyes.

“No mi reina, I’ll be here at six to pick up my esposa. I want to spend every single minute with you manana,” he says kissing her. “Adios,” Ricky turns striding quickly to his carro.

“Adios baby,” says Jacki watching him leave. My baby is pissed. He wants me to be with him now. I’m his esposa, she ponders with sadness.



Chapter Forty-Two


At exactly six on the dot Ricky arrives at Jacki’s casa, he knocks on the door, anxious to pick her up.

Jacki is ready, waiting anxiously for Ricky to arrive. I know that mi baby is already stressed out, so I better be ready for him. I’m used to getting up early anyway, thinks Jacki. I took extra care in getting ready just for him. Jacki opens the door, rushing into his arms, giving him a hot beso. He hugs her close, returning her beso.

“Mi reina, good morning, te amo,” says Ricky. His emotions cause his voice to sound strained and husky.

“I love you with todo mi alma and corazon, mi Reina,” says Ricky smiling at Jacki. “I hope that I didn’t get you upset yesterday when I left. I felt very frustrated. I want you to be at my lado so much that it hurts. I married you so we can be together all the time. This is a great punishment that has been imposed on us.” He pulls her closer and gives her another beso.

“Baby, I know. No worries, let’s go have breakfast, okay?” says Jacki looking into his emotional green ojos. He’s so beautiful, thinks Jacki.

“Okay mi reina, that sounds like a great place to start our day,” says Ricky smiling, nodding in agreement.

They leave su casa. Ricky calms down as the day progresses. He relaxes and enjoys his time with his esposa. They go to the movies and then have lunch.

Finishing off his sandwich, he pulls her closer in the booth. “Mi reina now where are we going to spend our afternoon before we need to go to the Sunday dinner?” asks Ricky kissing her cheek.

Jacki looks at her baby. “Why don’t we go to your casa and go swimming?” says Jacki grinning, thinking how good it’ll be to be next to him in the pool.

Ricky looks at Jacki and realizes that’s a great idea. “Mi reina I haven’t gone swimming in a while and it’ll be fun to go swimming with you,” he says thinking of having her to himself in the pool.

Most likely nobody will be en casa, yeah. “Do you have a nice bikini just for me? Let’s buy you a new one just for me,” says Ricky elated. He grins wickedly, imagining Jacki in a hot bikini.

Jacki turns to look at her baby’s smile. I knew it. He’s feliz with the thought of me in a bikini. “Si baby I want you to pick out my new bikini, just for you,” says Jacki smiling, nodding.

“Okay let’s go and buy you a bikini at Eve’s Pleasures mi reina,” says Ricky standing. He pulls her against his side, walking to the carro urgently. Si, I need to get her in the bikini and in the swimming pool as soon as possible, thinks Ricky.

Ricky buys her a nice black bikini that he loves. They went to his padre’s casa. La casa is empty, nobody is in casa.

“Si mi reina, we’re all alone. Let’s go swimming,” says Ricky. He takes Jacki to his cuarto to change, but in the process they make love.

“Baby I need you,” says Jacki, undressing. She’s getting him all worked up with need.

Ricky rips off her panties, pulling her onto his hot throbbing shaft, and puts her against the wall. She straddles him, loving the feel of him as he buries his shaft and moans with pleasure.

Ricky pulls off her top, desperately kissing her breasts, tasting one of her soft nipples, hearing her cry out his name. “Baby that feels so good, I love your loving,” she whimpers. She enjoys making love.

They reach their release together. They hold onto each other. Ricky walks over to his cama and drops down. They fall asleep, tired from their loving making and from getting up early.

A few hours later they go swimming for a while, planning out their future together and enjoying their time together alone.

Jacki is getting ready to go to the Sunday dinner. Ricky is finished dressing, watching her dress. I love watching my reina dress. She’s so sexy, thinks Ricky observing every move.

Ricky’s cell rings, he answers. “Hola, what can I do for you Christian?” asks Ricky watching his reina.

“Ricky I need the name of the hotel that you went to in Vegas for tu boda? I want them to have the same things ready when we get there,” says Christian smiling with felicidad. I know that I’m shocking the hell out of him. He doesn’t even have a clue who I’m marrying, he thinks.

“You’re joking Christian. I don’t have time for this. I’m with my reina,” says Ricky kissing her neck.

“No, I’m not joking. Give me the name so I can call them. I’m marrying today,” replies Christian smiling with pleasure. He’s enjoying Ricky’s reaction. “I don’t want you to tell anybody and I won’t be at Sunday dinner.”

“You’re serious? Unbelievable,” says Ricky looking at his reina. “Who is she?”

“I’m telling you so you can take care of manana for me. I’m marrying Monique Acosta, you know who, she was helping me pick up all the papers in the hallway,” says Christian remembering the collision. “I want you to tell Bella that she’ll start work on Tuesday, mi cielo will be too tired manana, okay primo?”

“You’re for real? You’re marrying that bella chica in the hallway? Wow that’s incredible. That’s the same spot that mi reina and I collided,” says Ricky looking at his reina, winking at her. She’s smiling thinking of when they collided in the hallway.

“Okay Christian, we went to the Paris hotel. Ask the hotel for their concierge Mary Jones. Ask her to arrange everything that she did for me. She’ll have everything ready when you arrive if you call her now. She’ll send to your cuarto the gowns and rings for tu novia to select from. The wedding chapel is nice. Make sure to have her put the same amount of roses. Chris you need to have photos and a video taken. You should make several copies of the video for la familias. Okay? Good luck primo,” says Ricky grinning with amusement.

Wow that’s a lot of information, thinks Chris. “Primo be sure to tell Jose Enrique and Bella about mi cielo, she’ll not be showing up manana. I want her to rest. Okay?” asks Chris looking at his cielo walking into the living room looking at him oddly. “Adios primo, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Mi reina that was mi primo Christian and he wanted the information of the hotel that we used to get married in Vegas. He’s eloping right now,” says Ricky laughing. Yeah another one of us has fallen hard. “I can’t wait until los primos hear about this.”

Ricky laughs for a long time, Jacki smiles at him. Mi baby is sometimes absolutely funny. Every single one of his primos will fall in love sooner or later, thinks Jacki.

Jacki stands and walks over to him, kisses him. Soon they’re on their way to Sunday Dinner at his tios casa. The entire De La Cruz familia are relaxing and enjoying their gathering.  In the background you can hear romantic Mexican love songs playing.  The night is beautiful and warm with lots of bright stars.

Las comadres happily cook the dinner meal. Los hermanos, los padres of la familia’s are happily chatting, playing pool and drinking their cervezas.

All of the primos are sitting down chatting about the week and the pact that they have agreed to on Friday night at the club.

“Si primas thanks for thinking up the pact. It will make our lives easier,” says Jose Enrique grinning, looking at his novia blush.

“Yeah primas I second that.” says Ricky, nodding, looking at his reina on his lap, Si, especially as I am married, thinks Ricky.

“Who knows what happened to Chris? he’s late,” asks Tony looking for his party primo. “We always go out after dinner.”

Ricky looks around and doesn’t know if he should say anything. Christian might want to tell them himself. He looks at his reina who shrugs her shoulders smiling.

“I know that he has a novia,” says Bella smiling, thinking about Monique. She’s really muy cute and perfect para mi hermano, thinks Bella.

“No way, not another one falling,” says Alex. This is even worse, because its mi hermano, thinks Alex. “Who is she and where did he meet her?”

“Hermano, she’s really, really muy cute. I know that she’s perfect para Christian. I saw him real excited about her,” says Bella grinning with amusement.

“Yeah, I remember now, Christian said something about una chica on Friday at the club. Yeah he’s interested in her, he thinks that she’s the one,” says Alex grinning.

Yeah he’s so excited that he’s married her, thinks Ricky attempting not to say anything yet. I do have to tell Jose Enrique and Bella about Monique not coming into work manana. He takes a sip of his drink, looks around. Yeah this is really good. I don’t think that even mis tios know where he’s at.

“Oh yeah, I saw his novia and she’s cute,” says Ricky nodding, smiling, looking at his bella reina.

“Are we talking about Monique Acosta?” asks Paty looking at Bella and Ricky for confirmation.

“Si prima,” replies Bella. “He ran into Monique after the interview on Friday in the hallway, just like Ricky and Jacki. Hmm, is the hallway magical?”

Todos los primos start to laugh with amusement, thinking that it’s extremely funny. “If it is I will make sure to walk it every day praying that I run into mi amor,” says Paty laughing.

“Si prima and I’ll join you,” says Claudia nodding in agreement and grinning.

“You’re both silly,” says Veronica looking at su hermana and prima. She shakes her head in amusement.

“It looks like he’s not showing up and we won’t see him until next weekend, if he gets it off,” says Alex looking around for Gabriel to see if he knows something.

Gabriel and Erica are far away on another table too busy talking about their plans. Gabriel is also a Navy SEAL; in fact Christian’s seal bud. It doesn’t look like they even know what’s up, thinks Alex shaking his head looking at his primo Jose Enrique.

It looks like slowly we’re all getting married, thinks Alex taking a drink of his Corona. He looks at his primo Tony and shrugs. “Let’s go primo. It’s just the two of us tonight,” says Alex

“Adios, primos,” says Alex and Tony walking to say adios to their padres.

His mama Maria asks if they know where Christian is at. “Mis niño’s do you know where Chris is at, he has not showed up?” asks Mama Maria looking at their caras for any type of answers.

“No we don’t. I was just asking los primos and nobody has heard from him mama.” answers Alex looking at his mama with concern. “Do you think that something happened to him?”

“No, I pray that nothing has happened to Christian. I know that he went to see his novia this morning and has not returned,” replies Mama Maria looking over to su esposo. “It is still early and maybe he’s still with his novia.”

“That could be it mama, he just lost track of time.” says Alex, not believing this for a minute. Yeah right, mi hermano is a Navy Seal, he is always aware of time, and everything that is going on around him, thinks Alex with concern.

“Okay mi hijo, dios los bendiga a los dos,” says his mama María smiling.

Las Tia’s Queta and Lupe have also given them their bendicion.

“Mis niñas we need your help to clean up,” calls out las Tia.

The primas stand, they start to assist in cleaning up.

“I’ll help clean up the tables,” says Bella, looking at las primas, Jessy and Jacki that also are assisting in the cleaning.

Bella takes some plates over to the sink, returns to get some more. Jessy and Jacki are also picking up the plates on the other tables.

Ricky takes this opportunity to tell Jose Enrique and Bella all about Christian and Monique.

Ricky scoots closer to his primo Jose Enrique. He looks at both his primos. “Jose Enrique, Bella I have to tell you something real quick before the others hear.” says Ricky looking around to make sure nobody else is around.

This really grabs Jose Enrique’s interest. He waits to hear what Ricky has to say. Bella sits next to them to listen to Ricky, who is speaking low.

“Christian called me earlier today,” says Ricky looking at his primos and then continues. “Christian is right now in Vegas getting married to Monique,” he says looking at their reaction.

“I just didn’t know if he wants me to tell everybody or not.  I thought it’s better to stay quiet and let him take care of this,” says Ricky looking at his primos.

“He wants me to tell you Jose Enrique, Bella that Monique will start work on Tuesday. He doesn’t want Monique to start working while being tired tomorrow,” says Ricky smirking.

Yeah I know what he means. I didn’t want mi reina to start working the next day either, thinks Ricky.

Jose Enrique looks at Ricky. “You’re serious?” he asks not believing what he just heard.

One more primo taking off and eloping, wow, this is incredible.  Si, this is awesome, now I definitely will not be the only one changing diapers, thinks Jose Enrique grinning wickedly.

I can’t believe that mi hermano is doing this. Monique the muy cute, young girl managed to catch the hot and wild De La Cruz. He’s worse than Ricky, thinks Bella nodding and grinning with glee. Si!

“That’s okay with me,” says Bella. “He’s part of la familia compania.”

“That’s right. I’m sure that Monique will be a hard worker and that she has the skills and education that is required for the position. Jessy has nothing but good things to say about her designs,” says Jose Enrique smiling. “I know that Chris is doing the right thing. He would only be marrying Monique if he has strong feelings for her.”

“Si, mi hermano is all into her. He met her on Friday early evening for mocha, and all day on Saturday. He went out early this morning to see her,” says Bella smiling recalling how feliz Christian was this morning.

“Si primos, Christian sounded real excited when he called me to get the information on the hotel that I used for mi boda. He wants to make sure you two understand about Monique,” says Ricky smirking with merriment. “Shit will hit the fan manana when everyone learns about this. I don’t think that the news media will notice because they really didn’t know about Christian.”

“We need to be supportive with Monique. Remember that Christian will be returning to his base for training manana. Monique will be on her own the entire week,” says Bella thinking of Monique’s position.

“Si, we do need to make sure that she feels welcomed into la familia and especially at work. She’s one of us now,” says Jose Enrique nodding and smiling at his bella novia. “I know that Jessy will be okay with her starting on Tuesday.”

“Okay we need to keep this to ourselves, today anyway, until he tells los tios,” says Ricky looking around.

“That sounds great,” says Bella smiling at sus primos. Si we’re truly lucky that we all have such an incredible familia, thinks Bella. “Now I’ll have another hermana.”



Chapter Forty-Three


“Buenos dias mi reina,” says Ricky walking into the accounting department.

Jacki is still alone because she’s always at work early. Jacki stands, walks to Ricky, and throws her arms around his waist. “Baby it’s getting harder every day when you drop me off at mis padres’ casa. I miss you all night,” says Jacki hugging him tight.

They stand hugging each other tight and wishing it was different. “I love you mi reina,” whispers Ricky in her ear feeling her tremble.

“Mi reina we’re almost there, we need to live through this week, and next week, okay?” says Ricky pulling her closer before her work colleagues start to arrive for work.

“Baby I know,” says Jacki attempting to be strong. “Can we have a long lunch so that we can spend some time alone,” asks Jacki looking into his precioso green ojos.

“Mi reina, si we can, eres mia,” says Ricky kissing her with todo his pasión, running his hands up and down her back.

Mi reina is hungry, thinks Ricky feeling her touch his shaft, trembling with pasión.

“Baby I need you,” whispers Jacki in his ear, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Si mi reina, I need you to, we’ll have an early lunch,” says Ricky looking down into her hermosa cara. He hears some footsteps down the hall and pulls away, and sees her disappointment.

“Mi reina let’s go to my office, si?” says Ricky taking her hand.

He takes her to his office, locks the door, and pulls her into his arms kissing her. He picks her up, walks to the sofa. He takes off her dress, leaving her in her sexy bikini and bra. I’ll make love to mi mujer, now, thinks Ricky.

Jacki starts to take off his tie and coat. I’ll touch mi esposo, thinks Jacki undressing him. She kisses every inch of his skin, loving him as she aches to do.

They spend time making love and talking, wrapped up in each other’s arms. “Mi reina do you want to go home now, you don’t have to work?” asks Ricky. Hmmm, maybe she’s just tired and sensitive with the pregnancy. We need to have a pregnancy test.

“Mi reina do you think that you could be pregnant?” asks Ricky looking into her eyes, kissing her all over, waiting for her response.

Hmm, I haven’t thought about it. I was supposed to have mi period a few weeks ago, can I be pregnant, contemplates Jacki. She looks at Ricky trying to see if it will be good or not.

“Baby I don’t know, I can be,” says Jacki a little apprehensive, not knowing if this will be good. “Will you be upset if I am?” asks Jacki looking into his ojos to observe his reaction and feelings.

“No mi reina, I have always felt that mi bebe is growing from the first time that I made love to you. You know that I have never used protection. I felt you get pregnant. I have been waiting for the right time to get a pregnancy test. Do you want mi bebe?” he asks. I wonder if she’s not ready or feliz. I wanted her to get pregnant. I never used protection, because I wanted her to have mi bebe, thinks Ricky with concern.

“Baby, how can you even doubt that I wouldn’t want tu bebe? I love you with my entire being, alma, and corazon. I want todos tus bebe’s. I just want to be sure that you want a bebe,” says Jacki kissing him with felicidad, feeling his tight hug.

“Mi reina do you want me to go get a pregnancy test now?” asks Ricky standing, starting to get dressed to go to the store.

“Si baby, I want to know. I didn’t think about it. This can be why I’m so emotional and hungry,” says Jacki grinning. “I want to stay here and wait for you, will that be okay?” asks Jacki with a shy smile, not knowing how he feels about her not working.

“Mi reina, I only want you here working so I can see you all day if I want too. If you don’t want to work anymore today or ever, you don’t have to. If you’re pregnant, I would love you to stay home to relax, and to enjoy our pregnancy,” says Ricky smiling with pleasure. “I think that you should go home today and not return until after the luna de miel if you want.”

“Baby that sounds like a great idea and next week I can start fixing our casa up after we get the keys,” says Jacki pulling him to her before he leaves.

Jacki is hungry, emotional, and I have always known that she’s pregnant. Today we’ll confirm if mi reina is pregnant. I’m so feliz. Mi reina should be at home. I don’t want her to go back to work, thinks Ricky kissing her with todo his amor.

“Baby I want you, I need you, and we’re always apart,” says Jacki with frustration, looking into her baby’s beautiful green eyes. I can see that he feels the same and I’m not helping, thinks Jacki.

Jacki pulls him down again, gives him a hot beso. “Baby, make sure the door locks. I don’t feel like getting dressed,” says Jacki stretching out on the sofa looking out of the window.

Ricky leans down, kisses her before leaving to the store across the street to purchase the pregnancy test with felicidad.

He hurries to the store asking for assistance. He purchases the pregnancy test. Si I will know for sure in a few minutes, thinks Ricky racing back to his office. Opening the door, making sure he locks it. Ricky walks to Jacki handing her the test.

Jacki looks at him with excitement and reads the instructions. “Okay Baby let me go to the restroom and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” says Jacki kissing him grinning.

Ricky waits for her to return. Dios mio this is so exciting, thinks Ricky. Jacki returns sitting on his lap.

“Baby the test is supposed to take a few minutes,” says Jacki kissing him with todo su amor. “Baby I love you.”

Ricky and Jacki look at the pregnancy test, waiting. They see the results start to appear. It’s a positive sign indicating that she’s pregnant. Jacki starts to cry, she’s ecstatic.

Ricky pulls her close, kissing her, touching her, and makes love to her. “Mi reina you have made me tan feliz, we’re having our bebe, and I knew,” says Ricky loving her again.

Jacki undresses him again, kissing him, touching him driving him wild with pasión. Jacki straddles him, taking his hot shaft into her heart, causing them both to moan out in pleasure. “Baby I love you,” says Jacki. She loves him, moaning out her pleasure.

Mi reina is going to kill me. Mi reina gets me so hot that I feel that I’ll explode with need, thinks Ricky loving his favorite mujer ever, yeah she’s toda mia for eternity.

They both reach their release together and feel their almas merge becoming one.

Ricky holds her tight. I don’t want to let go. I do need to start to work. I want her to go home and relax, thinks Ricky smiling. Mi reina is having mi bebe and it feels great.

“Baby I don’t want to go home yet, I want to stay with you until lunch,” says Jacki gazing into his eyes.

“Mi reina okay, we’ll spend some more time here loving you,” says Ricky smiling. “But I do want you to go home after lunch, okay?”

“Si baby I will, I have been feeling tired and now I know why. You will be home at five?” asks Jacki kissing his neck, going down his chest making him need her again.

Ricky whimpers and moans. How can I still function after taking her twice this morning, mi body still wants more, this is unreal, whimpers Ricky.

They have lunch and Jacki gets ready to leave.  She’s in the restroom taking a shower.

“I went to get your purse from your office,” says Ricky, putting on his jacket, smiling at his reina. He walks over to her, and hugs her. She looks so adorable and sexy in that cute little red dress and jacket outfit.

“Baby I love you and I can’t wait to be able to cook dinner for you in our casa,” says Jacki smiling, looking into his beautiful eyes that she loves. Biting her lower lip, I love everything about him, she thinks.

“Mi reina that’s so sweet, I can’t wait until we’re living in our casa,” replies Ricky kissing her cara.

“Maybe we can paint the nursery room when we come back from our luna de miel,” says Jacki sighing, looking at Ricky.

Mi reina wants to start fixing up the nursery and I didn’t even think about it, but it’s a great idea, thinks Ricky. “Mi reina that will be great, we can go get the paint and we can paint the nursery. We can get the crib and dresser,” says Ricky grinning, thinking about his bebe.

“Si baby that will be so fun,” replies Jacki smiling at him with todo su amor.

Ricky walks Jacki to su carro. “Mi reina drive home safe and take care of mi bebe,” says Ricky helping her into her seat giving her a beso.

“Si Baby, I’ll text you that I’m home. See ya later Baby,” says Jacki smiling at him, pulling out of the parking space.

Ricky stands there watching her leave the parking garage. Now we’re going to be una familia and me bebe is going to be here by New Years. He feels his corazon swell up with emotions, strides back to his office to get some work done.

I need to remember to go see Jose Enrique around three to see if that jerk will call again, thinks Ricky with anxiety.



Chapter Forty-Four


“Jamie tienes que llamar a los De Le Cruz’s, ya ese hora,” says Mextli looking at his segundo. “Vamos a poner presión (we need to pressure them).”

“Si Mextli,” replies Jamie going to the phone to make the call.

The phone rings and Jose Enrique answers it signaling to Carlos to give him a minute. “Thank you for calling De La Cruz Inc.,” says Jose Enrique without remembering that the Mexican Cartel had threatened to call him again today.

Ricky enters the room wanting to see if it was the stupid bastards calling as they had threatened. I know it’s them. I have been waiting for this time. I think that Jose Enrique forgot all about the call, thinks Ricky with anxiety.

He turns to look at Paty and he didn’t recognize the Chico that’s holding her hand. What’s up with this? Is he her novio? Is he the one? I need to look into this and make sure that he is the one and not playing with mi prima, thinks Ricky looking back at Jose Enrique.

Jose Enrique stares at Ricky and remembers that this call could be them. “Hola Jose Enrique its tu amigo, I’m calling you to see if you have reconsidered our offer. Like I said on Friday it will be real lucrative for your familia and the compania,” says the unknown caller with the machine that is distorting his voice.

Jose Enrique looks at Ricky, he’s motioning for him to put the call on speaker, he nods as he answers the caller looking at Carlos and Paty. He motions to them to stay quite before pressing the button.

“Jose Enrique did you not hear me? Do I need to remind you that your familia could be at risk if you don’t associate with us? It will be lucrative and beneficial for your familias wellbeing,” says the caller with a smirk in his voice.

Jose Enrique is furious and afraid for his familia. “I told you last Friday that we are not interested. Thank you for considering us. Have a nice day,” replies Jose Enrique ending the call. He rubs his face with frustration.

“Primo I told you we should have told Christian and Claudia about the call on Friday. They could at least give us an idea of what direction to go,” says Ricky with anger pacing back and forth undoing his tie.

The phone rings again and Jose Enrique looks at the phone dreading to answer the call.

“Primo will you answer the damn call and send them to hell. We don’t have to do anything,” says Ricky with agitation taking off his tie.

Jose Enrique looks at Ricky. “Thank you for calling De La Cruz, Inc. how I can help you?” asks Jose Enrique putting the phone on speaker so Ricky can hear the guey.

“Jose Enrique, we are not playing games here. You will become an associate as we told you or else you will be having issues with your familia and the constructions. We will not give you another opportunity to think about it. I will call you on Monday at this same time. I will be expecting good news,” says the caller. The caller hangs up without giving Jose Enrique the opportunity to respond.

Jose Enrique stands and starts pacing, taking off his tie, trying to take deep breaths. What are we going to do? Should we call the police? The caller warned us against that, thinks Jose Enrique with fear and anguish. He runs his hands through his hair.

Paty stands. “Hermano what was that all about? What does that man want from you?” asks Paty going to her hermano trying to see if he’s okay.

“Should I call an ambulance? Are you okay? Primo?” asks Paty.

She’s worried about her hermano and looks at Ricky who’s also in the same state of shock and fear.

Carlos is observing the entire situation thanking dios that his best amigo and familia are not involved with the Mexican Cartel. I knew that they were honest and hardworking. I need to still keep my cover for now until I figure out how to help them, thinks Carlos.

“Amigo what’s wrong? Who is that caller? What do they want?” asks Carlos trying to play ignorant of what is happening.

“He’s un hijo de la chengada that called on Friday asking us to associate with him in money laundering. He said that one of our new clients referred us, highly recommending our association. He told us not to involve the police because they would hurt la familia. I told him on Friday that we are not interested. Ricky and I thought or hoped that it was a prank call,” says Jose Enrique looking out the window wondering what will happen if they don’t associate.

Everything that I and mis padres have worked hard for will go down the drain. We will be slaves to the Mexican cartel’s whims, thinks Jose Enrique with anxiety.

“We don’t know what to do. Everything we work for will go to hell if we associate with the Mexican cartel,” roars Jose Enrique hitting the wall with his fist in anger and frustration.

“Hermano, are you okay? Are you sure it is the Mexican cartel? Why would they want us, we don’t do anything illegal,” asks Paty looking at all of them for answers.

“Prima, they want us because they can hide their drug money with our profits and also they can think of a million things to involve us in that will make us criminals,” responds Ricky pacing back and forth attempting to think of a way out of this huge problema.

Paty sits down staring out of the window thinking and praying that this was only a nightmare. Knowing the law as she did, she knows that they are a step away from being forced into becoming criminals?

“We need to call Claudia, she’s a FBI agent, she can tell us what to do?” says Paty pacing with Ricky and Jose Enrique. “Have you told our padres?” she looks at her hermano and primo as they shake their heads no.

“Prima we were praying that it was a joke,” answers Ricky standing still, grabbing his nap that is throbbing painfully. “Why would we tell our padres? They will have a heart attack, look at us,” states Ricky taking deep breaths.

“Do you think that they’ll hurt la familia or cause issues with the constructions?” asks Paty looking at them waiting for some answers.

“Hermana, I think that they have already started causing issues with our constructions. The materials for the job site this morning didn’t arrive. I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars lost today because the concrete didn’t arrive to start pouring,” replies Jose Enrique looking at his watch.

“The job site manager is scheduled to report here at three to give me the breakdown of what happened to the concrete and if the other materials were ordered incorrectly. This could be happening because of them, I don’t know,” says Jose Enrique with frustration.

“Primo that’s a lot of money that we are losing. We need to go and keep track of the jobs. If this job manager is not doing his job we need to can his ass,” exclaims Ricky with frustration in hearing this.

“I will go out and monitor the job sites like I used to. Paty can do the building contracts,” states Ricky pacing. “When this job site manager shows, I want to hear his report. I will can his ass if he fucked up,” says Ricky looking at his watch.

“We have everything scheduled to the day. We have been doing this for years. We have great suppliers. There is no reason for this to be happening. I will start manana taking care of the job sites. I know that Christian will take the job that you offered him on Friday,” says Ricky. “Christian told Tony that he’s taking the job. I will do it until he’s working here.”

Jose Enrique is happy to hear that Christian will take the job as the job site manager. It’s a good thing that we all worked each position as we went through college, thinks Jose Enrique. We all have the knowledge and skills to work each position. Our padres believed that was the only way to know how to build a building. I’m just happy that I’m not alone in this mess, contemplates Jose Enrique.

Jose Enrique looks at his amigo. “Carlos I’m sorry that you had to witness this mess,” says Jose Enrique looking at his amigo and knowing in his heart that he’ll be marrying Paty.

“Amigo, no worries I just wish I could provide some help,” replies Carlos feeling helpless and frustrated in the role he has to play.

“Maybe I should leave. You need to have a familia meeting,” suggests Carlos, attempting to provide a direction for la familia.

“I’ll take you to the elevator,” offers Paty as he doesn’t know his way out.

Paty enters the office and notices that Ricky and Jose Enrique are still pacing and frustrated. She looks at her watch. Hmmm it’s a few minutes after three. That’s why they are so frustrated, thinks Paty.

“We need to call Tony, Bella and Jessy,” says Paty looking at Jose Enrique.

“Si hermana call them in,” says Jose Enrique looking at his primo to see if he wants Jacki there.

“No primo, I don’t want mi reina to get scared and she is already on her way to her casa. I think that Monique will be the same. I don’t think that Christian would want her to know,” says Ricky running his hands through his hair pacing, thinking of a plan.

“Primo, Jose Enrique needs to talk to you. Can you please come to the office?” asks Paty.

“Si prima on my way,” says Tony surprised with the request.

“Bella we need you to come to Jose Enrique’s office, its important,” says Paty looking out the window praying that this is just a nightmare.

“Si prima, I’ll be there in a few,” says Bella leaving her office.

“Jessy we need you to come to Jose Enrique’s office,” says Paty looking at Jose Enrique pacing like a loco.

“Si Paty, I’m leaving now,” says Jessy leaving her office wondering what’s up.

Paty went to stand at the window thinking. What can we do? What should we do? This is so surreal.



Chapter Forty-Five


Jessy and Bella arrive at the office the same time, looking at how agitated Ricky, Jose Enrique and Paty look.

Tony walks into the office right after his primas and looks around at the meeting. It looks like something huge has happened. Mis primos look about to croak, thinks Tony looking real close at them.

“What’s happening?” asks Bella getting scared, going over to her primos. They look like they are about to have a heart attack, thinks Bella.

“Do you want me to call the paramedics?” asks Jessy getting worried at how Jose Enrique and Ricky look.

“This asshole is not showing,” exclaims Ricky with frustration and anger.

“What’s going on?” asks Bella getting real scared.

“Mi amor please close the door,” asks Jose Enrique looking at Jessy. “Please lock it” as he goes to the phone and calls his secretary.

“Ms. Jones I need you to call all the numbers that we have to contact the site manager Jefferson and tell him I need him here now,” bids Jose Enrique controlling his anger

“Yes Mr. De La Cruz,” responds Ms. Jones

“Mi amor, prima have a seat,” says Jose Enrique looking at Tony and then going to his desk looking at them and not knowing where to begin.

“We have a crisis that will jeopardize our entire vidas if we don’t take control now,” declares Jose Enrique looking at them.

“Yes, we have a situation that we need to have some brain storming on so we arrive at a reasonable path for la familia,” says Ricky pacing, thinking.

“Primas, primo, la familia is being pressured by the Mexican cartel to associate with them and they’re not taking no for an answer.” says Paty pacing along with Ricky.

“The cartel has called us twice and we thought or should I say prayed that it was a prank call,” says Jose Enrique standing to pace.

“Tony, Jessy, Bella they called about half hour ago to threaten la familia and the constructions that we have in progress,” says Paty looking at her primos. “We need to come up with a plan to discourage their interest in la familia compania.”

“We think that they have started with our constructions. One of our job sites did not receive the concrete this morning to start pouring. This has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars,” states Jose Enrique stopping at the window to look out trying to locate the site manager Jefferson.

“That’s impossible, how can that happen? We have been working with our suppliers for years. We have constructed thousands of buildings. We don’t make these huge mistakes,” asserts Bella standing to pace.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the first call? I think that you should have allowed us to help you. Where is that job site manager?” asks Tony with frustration on learning about the risks that la familia is in with these new events. Tony unties his tie and runs his hands through his hair.

“Jefferson was supposed to arrive at three o’clock to give us a status report on the material orders and job sites,” says Ricky with frustration. “He has not arrived. It is passed three,”

Jessy tries to think of a plan. “How can we stop the Cartel?” she asks. If we don’t know them or what they would do next, how can we stop them?

“We need to make sure that they don’t have any opportunity to mess with the orders. I’m starting today to monitor all the orders, supplies, contractors, our employees; everything,” states Ricky looking at Jose Enrique. “We need to split this up.”

“I will monitor the inside employees closer and the orders if you want me to make calls,” says Bella starting to pace with los primos, thinking.

“Why don’t we have employees that we can trust, or better, a security department to monitor the job sites in the day and maybe it will be a good idea to have patrols at night to make sure nobody is messing with the sites,” says Jessy smiling, hoping it’s a good idea.

Jose Enrique looks at his amor with happiness, yes she’s also smart, and I love her idea. “That’s a great idea,” says Jose Enrique looking at his primos to get their feedback.

“Yes that’s a great idea, we should have thought of this years ago,” replies Ricky, smiling at his sister in law.

“I’m on it,” says Bella going to the phone to get some security in place on the job sites.

“How many job sites do we have in progress and starting this month?” asks Paty trying to help Bella get enough security in place for the entire month until this situation is over.

“Yes, this sounds like a great idea, we should have the sites secured for at least four weeks to make sure that nothing happens,” agrees Jose Enrique pacing. “We still need to continue doing our jobs, monitor the ones that we have started, and are scheduled to start.”

“I don’t want our padres to find out and get stressed,” says Paty looking at the job site schedules for the month and giving dates to Bella for the security.

“I can also help Ricky on the job sites when I’m not drawing up a design,” says Tony looking at his primos.

“I agree we need to have someone monitor the sites when I’m off on my honeymoon,” says Ricky thinking how this is going to happen.

“Don’t worry about that, Tony and I can do the monitoring, you will be out for only ten work days,” says Jose Enrique. “We will just have to schedule new clients for after you come back or later in the day, we will work it out.”

“Manana we will need to split up our suppliers between us and advise them not to take any orders, change orders, or cancel orders if it’s not one of us,” states Ricky.

“We need to make sure that all the orders that are in place now are correct,” says Jose Enrique. “We can split that up and make the calls.”

“At the very least it will make it a little difficult for the Mexican cartel to interfere with the jobs,” states Ricky breathing a little easier.

“Okay we have the security set up starting tonight. We only have a few that are in progress. The other sites are scheduled for next week,” says Bella standing to pace.

“What else are we missing?” asks Tony walking to the window, thinking.

“I feel that we should discuss this with Claudia and Christian this weekend. I know that they can provide additional ideas on what we should do,” says Ricky running his hands through his hair.

“We also need to keep this quite, we don’t need la familia scared and stressing out,” says Tony pacing.

“We should put in place security badges. I know that we had decided against it in our last meeting, but I feel that it warrants the extra security,” says Bella looking at her primos.

“The parking garage should also have security. It’s our parking garage and for the employees safety,” says Paty thinking of other issues to address.

“I’ll call now for this additional security in the garage. Until we get the badges going, we should put security guards at the entrance and have everybody sign in and out,” says Bella calling the security company.

“This makes me think we could offer security designs as a separate package,” says Jessy thinking about a good package to offer the clients.

“I like that,” says Tony looking at Jessy smiling. “The interior packages are working out great and the security one will also benefit our clients.”

“It’s four and Jefferson has not showed,” declares Jose Enrique with frustration.

“Primo, we should not worry about Jefferson, we have everything under control. This is a great lesson to learn. We need to keep track of our jobs with the la familia monitoring. Nobody will care more than we do,” states Ricky pacing, thinking of the guey that didn’t show.

“I agree, we need to terminate Jefferson,” agrees Bella getting up from the computer, making a note.

“I think that’s it for now. That guey from the Mexican cartel advised that he will call on Monday,” says Ricky getting ready to leave.

“I will start at the job sites manana and call if I need any backup,” says Ricky looking at Tony and Jose Enrique before walking out.

“Hermano wait up,” says Tony. I think that I need to know more, I need to get some more information on what happened, thinks Tony.

“Yes primo we will make the calls on the supplies,” say Jose Enrique looking at Ricky walk out of the office.

“I need to get going,” says Paty turning from the window to go to the door.

“I do too,” says Bella walking out.

Jessy stands and walks to Jose Enrique, hugging him. “Mi vida dios will help us through this,” says Jessy with a prayer.

Jose Enrique hugs her, thanking dios for having sent her into his life. We can all work together to try and prevent the Mexican cartel from ruining our lives, thinks Jose Enrique.

I need to get home and see mi reina, ponders Ricky walking down the hall to his office hearing his hermano Tony following.

“Hermano I need to know what else is going on. Why didn’t you tell me about the cartel?” inquires Tony looking at his hermano.

“Hermano, Jose Enrique and I hoped and prayed that it was a joke. Now we need to make sure that those bastardos don’t ruin us. I need to get home to mi reina. She’s waiting for me,” replies Ricky looking at his hermano, smiling.

“Okay hermano I understand. You also knew that Christian got married, why didn’t you tell me?” asks Tony walking along with Ricky in the hallway towards the elevators.

“Christian told me not to say anything and besides, it’s up to him to tell la familia. I have been busy with my own stuff. Hermano you’re going to be a tio,” announces Ricky with happiness looking at Tony’s surprised cara.

“You’re serious?” says Tony getting into the elevator with him, waiting for some more details.

“I need you to keep this to yourself. Mi reina and I will tell la familia when we’re ready. You understand?” asks Ricky looking at his hermano grinning. “Don’t disappointment me Tony or I’ll never tell you anything again.”

“Si, I’ll keep it to myself. I understand your anxiety to get to la casa. I’m happy for you,” Tony grins, looking at his hermano’s happiness.

“Manana I’m going to go straight to the job sites. I’ll call you if I need your help. Shit I forgot to tell Jose Enrique and Bella that mi reina is off until after our honeymoon. I’m hoping that she’ll stay home after our honeymoon,” says Ricky.

“I understand hermano. I’ll tell them manana for you, if you want me to?” says Tony smiling, excited with the news. “Our padres and la familia are going to be immensely feliz with the news of your bebe.”

“Si I know. Okay hermano, I’ll talk to you manana,” says Ricky walking to his carro. “I’ll be home late because I’m spending as much time as I can with mi reina.”

“Si hermano, adios,” says Tony striding to his carro. Damn I’m so feliz for my hermano. I know that my padres are going to be jumping with joy. I wonder if I will ever be able to claim Cynthia without having to choice between her and my familia. This is getting complicated, ponders Tony.

Ricky drives quickly to pick up his reina at her casa for the evening. “Mi reina,” says Ricky pulling her into his arms, giving her a hot hungry beso as soon as he enters her casa.

“Baby I missed you,” whispers Jacki hugging him back. “Mis padres are out for a while.” says Jacki pulling him to her room.

“Oh mi reina, are you up for some more of my loving?” asks Ricky pulling off his jacket, shirt, and pants.

“Si Baby, I want some more of you,” says Jacki leaning in to kiss him while he pulls off her blouse and then pulls down her skirt.

Ricky picks her up and takes her to the bed kissing her deeply.

“Baby we’ll be getting our casa next week and I want to start fixing it up,” says Jacki running her hand up and down his chest.

“Si mi reina we’ll start arranging our new furniture when it arrives and start taking our personal stuff so it will be ready for us when we get back from our honeymoon,” Ricky grins thinking of having all those days and nights.

“Baby I can’t wait to live together. I think that this has been the hardest weeks of my vida,” declares Jacki kissing his chest and licking his nipples. “I love loving you Baby.”

“Mi reina I’m going to be working at the job sites starting manana until Christian starts working in a few months,” says Ricky stroking her long hair.

“Christian is going to work for la familia?” asks Jacki looking up into his beautiful green ojos surrounded with long black eyelashes.

“Si he is. Christian did get married on Sunday,” says Ricky grinning with merriment. “He eloped to Vegas and got married at the same place that we did.”

“Good, that means that his wedding would have turned out nice just like ours,” replies Jacki smiling up at him.

“Si mi reina and that’s why he isn’t going to re-enlist. He’s going to be the job site manager,” says Ricky.

I can’t tell her about the Mexican cartel harassing la familia. She’ll get worried and she needs to be calm and at peace. I will not allow anything or anyone to cause her any grief, thinks Ricky pulling her closer to him. They loose themselves in each other’s arms taking advantage of this time together.



Chapter Forty-Six


Ricky is monitoring the job sites. It’s lunch time. It looks like everything is in line and I can’t see anything unusual. Hmmm I wonder what happened to Jefferson, thinks Ricky. “Vamos a comer patron,” says one of the workers as he passes him to go to lunch.

Provecho,” replies Ricky walking back to the site to see what’s back there and to see if anything needs to be done.

He sees some rough looking gueys approaching him. There are four of them. One is wearing a black leather motor cycle jacket and tight jeans with black leather boots. He has on sunglasses and appears to be the leader.

The other three with him are wearing leather jackets, jeans and cowboy botas. I don’t think that they work here, they look like rough scum, thinks Ricky. “What in the chengada are you putos doing here?” asks Ricky noticing that they keep coming at him.

“We’re here for you puto,” replies one of them as he reaches Ricky and shoves him onto the ground starting to strike him. Ricky shoves him off and takes a swing with the pipe that’s lying on the ground next to him.

“Come here guey,” yells Ricky. “Gueys get closer, para chingarte!” The other three vaqueros start moving in a circle around Ricky trying to enclose him inside.

Ricky looks at all of them, keeping track of where they’re at and trying not to get enclosed.

“Ti voy a chingare puto,” states the vato with the glasses approaching Ricky with his switchblade out. “We are here to invite you to our fiesta,” the vato grins, waving the blade. The sun shines on a tooth that is silver plated.

“Not interested,” answers Ricky swinging the pipe getting the other three to stay back. “Get the hell off our property before I kill you, pronto guey.”

“No te enojes Ricky, nomas vamos a juegar contigo (Don’t get mad Ricky, we’re only going to play with you). It’s just un pequeno adviso (it’s a small warning). El Mextli queire que juegen con el (the Mextli wants you to play with him),” states the vato with the sunglasses and switch blade. As he smiles the silver tooth sparkles from the sun.

He runs into Ricky as the other three run into Ricky from the sides and back taking away the pipe.

Ricky didn’t have a chance to swing the pipe, it all happened so quickly, he only felt himself fall.

Oh Dios mio, mi van a matar and Jacki and mi bebe, thinks Ricky as he feels the switchblade sink in his side, yelling out in pain.

“No llores Ricky just remember what I say,” says the vato as he withdraws the switchblade from his side. “It’s just a little adviso.”

The vato with the switchblade stabs Ricky in the side again and pulls the switchblade out wiping it on Ricky’s shirt. “Next time I will not be tan bueno,” says the vato, grinning he allows the other three to punch and kick Ricky.

One of the vatos with vaquero botas steps on Ricky’s fingers breaking two. Ricky roars out in pain.

Los vatos stop kicking and hitting Ricky when they hear Tony call out Ricky’s name, approaching them.

Vamanos pronto, alli esta su hermano (We need to leave quickly, his brother is here),” says one of the vatos with the cowboy boots.

“Si pronto, adios guey (Yes, quickly, bye asshole),” says the vato with the sunglasses, grinning.

They sprint away in the opposite direction from where Tony is approaching, turning the corner of the construction site. They disappear.

Ricky is weak and feels relief that Tony has arrived. I need to call Tony over here, ponders Ricky with intense pain.

♥ ♥ ♥

Before I go back to the office I need to stop and see how mi hermano is doing, thinks Tony sliding into his carro.

Tony stops at the job site that Ricky is monitoring. He parks next to Ricky’s carro. Tony jumps out glancing around the site looking for Ricky. Its lunch time and the workers are at lunch. The site is empty.

Ricky has to be here, because his carro is still here, thinks Tony striding into the empty building calling out Ricky’s name.

“Ricky where are you!” yells Tony. He walks into the center of the first floor looking around when he hears Ricky cry out

“Tony I’m over here. I need help call the paramedics!” yells Ricky, groaning with intense pain. Damn it all to hell, I’m bleeding out, thinks Ricky with anxiety.

Tony jogs to where Ricky is laying on the floor surrounded by blood. Tony sees Ricky’s state and panics. He calls 911 to get the paramedics at the job site.

“Hermano are you okay, what happen? Who did this to you?” asks Tony looking at Ricky’s face full of blood and intense pain. The slash at his side appears not to be real deep and dangerous. He’s bleeding and one of his hands appears to have at least one broken finger.

“Tony I know it was the cartel. The guey mentioned El Mextli queire que juegen. They said that this was only a pequeno adviso and that next time it will be worse if we don’t comply with their demands!” grunts Ricky coughing up some blood.

The paramedics arrive and start to attend to Ricky. They take him into the ambulance. “Hermano remember to be careful how you tell mi reina. I don’t want her upset and risk losing our bebe,” says Ricky looking at Tony in the eyes with concern and pain.

“Don’t worry hermano, we’ll try to be careful with Jacki,” replies Tony. “I will follow the ambulance and call Alex.”

I need to call mis padres and I don’t know if we should call Jacki yet, thinks Tony making the call to his padres.

“Hola mi hijo,” says his Mama Lupe smiling. “Did you forget something mi hijo?”

“Mama, do not get scared, but Ricky has had some injuries at the job site. I need you and mi papa to come to the hospital,” says Tony with anxiety in his voice. “Ricky doesn’t want us to tell Jacki yet.”

“Okay mi hijo, your papa and I will be there in a few,” replies his mama Lupe with a faint voice, trying not to cave in to the pain and fear she’s feeling.

“Okay mama,” says Tony ending the call. He calls Alex and Jose Enrique. I need to call mi primo Alex and let him know that Ricky is on his way.

“Primo I need you to go to emergency, Ricky is hurt,” says Tony.

“I’m on it primo,” replies Alex ending the call.

“Primo I’m on my way to the hospital. I found Ricky hurt at the job site when I stopped by to check on him after my meeting with Lopez,” says Tony not waiting for the greetings.

Jose Enrique hears what Tony says and sits on his chair with a heavy heart full of fear and anger. “Que paso primo?” asks Jose Enrique with pain.

“Ricky said that he knows it was the cartel, because they said it was un pequeno adviso and that the cartel wants us to juegar with them. They want us to comply with their demands,” says Tony with frustration and anger.

“Keep me updated and I’ll be on my way after work,” replies Jose Enrique with anger.

The paramedics take Ricky to the hospital and the emergency staff work on Ricky.  Alex is also called into the emergency room to assist. The doctors are able to stabilize the side wound and take care of the two broken fingers.

Alex walks out of the emergency room to talk to la familia. “Tios, Tony, Ricky is stabilized and doing well. The injuries are not life threatening.  The wound required some stiches and the fingers were put in a brace. He also has some broken ribs which we wrapped up. He has some bruises all over his body and on the face. He’ll be okay in a few days.” says Alex looking at his familia with concern.

“Okay mi hijo, I’ll have Tony go and get Jacki. She will want to know,” says Mama Lupe looking at her esposo with pain.

“I’m on my way,” says Tony going to get Jacki. Dios mio help me tell her in a way that she will not be hurt, thinks Tony.

Tony arrives at Jacki’s casa. Tony jumps out of his carro and knocks on her door. Jacki answers with a smile. “Hola Tony,” says Jacki. She motions him to come into the casa. “What’s up?”

“Jacki I need to take you to Ricky,” says Tony, letting some of the urgency to sink in. “He was hurt a at the job site. He asked me to come and get you.”

Jacki sways and Tony catches her. She grabs hold of his arm and takes a deep breath. “Mi baby is okay?” asks Jacki trembling and in pain, she takes deep breaths.

“Jacki calm down, he’s okay. That’s why he didn’t want us to tell you right away. Ricky was very insistent that he doesn’t want you to be upset,” replies Tony. He looks at his hermano’s bella esposa with concern.

“I’m okay Tony, I need to be by his side,” responds Jacki straightening her back with determination looking at him.

“Okay Jacki, I’ll take you,” replies Tony, smiling and admiring her strong will.

“Let me get my purse and tell mis padres,” says Jacki striding to her room. She quickly grabs her purse and then strides into the family room to speak to her padres.

“Papa, mama mi esposo is hurt and in the hospital. I’m going to him. I’m telling you right now that I’ll be staying with him from now on. He’s hurt and I will take care of mi esposo,” states Jacki looking at her padre.

“Mi hija I told you and Ricardo that you can’t live with him until you’re married by the church,” bellows her padre as he stands to look at his hija.

“Si padre, I understand your requirements, conditions and reasons. I was trying hard to keep you happy, but now mi esposo is injured, and in the hospital. I will not play this game any longer,” states Jacki walking away.

“Mi hija, please don’t make me mad!” roars her padre walking after her. “I want you in la casa at night.”

“I’ll be back to get my things padre,” replies Jacki walking out the door with Tony.

“Are you okay,” asks Tony looking at her with concern. She looks real pale and ready to faint, thinks Tony. He walks close to her in case she faints.

“Yes I’m okay, I just need to be with Ricky,” replies Jacki. She has tears in her beautiful eyes and they show the pain she is feeling.

“Okay we’re on our way,” replies Tony sliding into the carro.

Jacki enters the room that Ricky is in and sees that his padres are with him. Gracias Dios mio, he’s alive, thinks Jacki running to him.

Jacki cries when she sees his beat up face. “Baby are you okay?” asks Jacki leaning down to tenderly kiss his lips and every single bruise.

“Yes I am, I’m only a little bruised up and have a few stiches. Mi reina are you feeling okay?” asks Ricky with concern seeing that she’s very pale. “You need to stay calm.”

“I know Baby, I need to make sure that you’re okay,” answers Jacki looking over every inch of his gorgeous body. Satisfied that he’s intact, she sits next to him, tenderly rubbing her fingers over his face.

“Mama, papa mi reina is going to have our bebe,” announces Ricky grinning with happiness in spite of his injuries.

“Si mi hijo, are you sure?” asks his mama going to hug Jacki. “We will have a nieto, muchas gracias mi hija!”

His papa is immensely feliz with the news. “Gracias Jacki, a nieto is what we have been waiting for,” says Papa Jorge, smiling giving her a hug.

“Si, I’m a few weeks,” says Jacki smiling, blushing looking at her Baby. “Ricky I love you.”

“I love you mi reina,” replies Ricky pulling her closer to him, moaning in pain.

“Baby, don’t move. Are you coming home tonight?” asks Jacki looking at him and then at his padres.

“I don’t know, the doctors haven’t said anything,” replies Ricky looking at Jacki.

“Baby, I’m staying with you, and I don’t care where you’re at. I’m staying at your side,” declares Jacki leaning into his side.

“Mi reina your papa will be pissed,” says Ricky with frustration, wanting her close.

“I know Baby but I already told him that I was staying with you and I need to take care of you,” says Jacki giving him a beso very softly on his split lip. “Your mi esposo Ricardo and I will take care of you.”

Ricky looks at her and sees that she’s very determined. I just love that about her, thinks Ricky grinning. When mi reina wants something, she digs her heels in.

Alex walks into the room and looks around at la familia, he smiles. “Primo we want you to stay overnight for observations. Jacki can stay with you,” says Alex smiling. He notices how she’s already resting right next to him. “You will be taken to your room in a few minutes.” he turns to look at his tios and smiles.

“Como estan Tios,” asks Alex.

“Buen mi hijo, now that we know that Ricardo is going to be okay” replies his Tio Jorge

“Si mi hijo, I’m okay,” says his Tia Lupe observing Jacki and Ricky.

“Okay tios, tengo que trabajar (have to work),” says Alex smiling, walking out.

“Si Baby, I will stay with you,” says Jacki with no intention on budging on the issue. “Have you eaten?”

“No, I have not and I am hungry now,” replies Ricky turning to his hermano Tony. “Hermano, can you bring us some food?”

“Si hermano, I’ll go get you some food,” replies Tony standing and walking out. Tony pulls out his cell and calls Jose Enrique to give him the latest information.

“Hola Jose Enrique, Ricky is doing great,” states Tony getting into his carro. “The wound needed some stiches and two fingers were broken. The doctors put some braces on his fingers. He also has two cracked ribs and some bruises all over. The doctors want to keep him overnight for observation.”

“That sounds great, I was worried. I have been thinking about what we should do about the cartel. Christian will be here on Friday and I’m going to talk to him about what has been transpiring,” says Jose Enrique looking out of his window in his office.

“That sounds good primo,” says Tony driving to the restaurant to get the food for Ricky and Jacki.

“I have to let you go primo. I’m getting Ricky and Jacki some food. I’ll talk to you manana,” says Tony ending the call.

Tony takes the food quickly back to the hospital. He wants to make sure that Ricky and Jacki have a good meal.

“Hermano here’s some Italian food,” says Tony setting the food in front of them on a table.

“Gracias hermano,” says Ricky grinning, adjusting his position so he can eat and pulls his reina next to him moaning. “I told papa and mama that I’m okay. I advised them to go home and relax.”

“Si hermano I agree with you,” says Tony taking a seat. “Jose Enrique knows that Jacki isn’t coming back to work until the honeymoon is over and I told him what happened to you.”

“Hermano gracias for all of your help,” says Ricky taking a bite of his chicken.

“Ricky, Jose Enrique said that he is going to talk to Christian manana in the afternoon to see what he suggests we do,” says Tony.

“Great, I’m glad that he is, because that’s exactly what I wanted to do since the first call,” says Ricky trying not to alert Jacki of what was occurring. He looks at Tony to alert him not to say anything else.

“I see, and I will continue to monitor the job sites,” says Tony standing to leave. “Hermano I’m leaving. Do you need me to get you anything else?”

“No hermano, that’s it. Thank you again for getting Jacki.” says Ricky looking over at Jacki.

Jacki smiles and starts to look sleepy after eating the food.

“Mi reina take a nap,” says Ricky noticing how tired she looks.

“Adios you two,” says Tony walking out of the room to go home. This has been a very long and emotional day, thinks Tony.

Jose Enrique walks into the room looking at Ricky hugging Jacki. “Primo how you doing?” whispers Jose Enrique noticing that Jacki is sleeping.

“I’m doing better, I feel a little sore,” replies Ricky looking down at his reina. “Primo it was the cartel.”

“Si primo, Tony told me. They’re getting vicious,” says Jose Enrique with anger. “We will man the job sites with more security guards.”

“Si that would be good,” replies Ricky sighing. “I will be out in a few days.”

“Don’t worry about it and just get well,” says Jose Enrique smiling at his primo. “You need to be ready for the boda.”

“Si and I can’t wait,” replies Ricky with felicidad.

“Okay, I just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. I need to get to Jessy,” says Jose Enrique.

“Si primo, thanks,” replies Ricky smiling

Ricky leans back and pulls his reina into his arms. He is content that he has her at his side even if not in the best of circumstances.

I know that her padre is pissed off and will most likely make mi reina’s vida amarga. We only want to be together and that’s why we eloped. She’s mi esposa and now she’s carrying mi bebe, thinks Ricky putting his hand on her womb rubbing it softly.

“Bebe I love you with todo mi corazon,” says Ricky kissing his hand and laying it on her womb tenderly. Yeah, I knew he was coming the moment his life started, thinks Ricky pulling his reina into his arms slowly.

Ricky falls asleep with Jacki in his arms. It has been a tiring day for both of them. The nurse enters the room to check up on Ricky and sees that his vitals are okay. She doesn’t wake him.









Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Thirty-Seven

After lunch, Jose Enrique is in his office, thinking of his Bella amor. I’m the luckiest man on this planet. Mi amor is just incredible.

The phone rings, Jose Enrique picks it up. “Good afternoon. Thank you for calling De La Cruz Inc. Jose Enrique speaking. How I can help you?” says Jose Enrique. He looks at his caller ID and senses it is odd. It’s an out-of-the-country call. Not real sure which country; it appears to be from Mexico. This is odd. Who can it be?

“Señor De La Cruz, this is Señor Lopez’s associate. I need you to work for us,” says the caller. The unknown caller’s voice sounds funny, like it is modified with some type of electronic device. This is bizarre, thinks Jose Enrique. What does he want?

“Who am I speaking to?” asks Jose Enrique. “Would you like De La Cruz Inc. to build you a building?”

“No Señor De La Cruz, I am offering you a job in assisting us in some money laundering. I promise you that it will be very lucrative for you and tu familia,” says the caller with amusement.

“Who am I speaking to? Are you serious? My familia does not deal in this type of work. We are definitely not interested. Have a nice day,” says Jose Enrique ending the call. He remains immobile, petrified, thinking about the call. This is so surreal.

“Hola, primo, what’s up?” says Ricky, entering his office. “I want to talk to you about the room next to my office.”

The phone rings again and Jose Enrique looks at the phone’s caller ID. It’s the same caller. He picks it up. “Good afternoon, thank—” He is rudely interrupted by the caller.

“It’s me and I am giving you until Monday to reconsider my offer. We are very anxious to have tu compania work with us. We will do everything in our power to encourage your association. Senor Lopez highly recommends you. I will call you on Monday at this same time. Don’t try to inform the police. We will know and that will not be beneficial to you and your familia,” states the caller. The caller terminates the call.

Ricky is looking at his primo. He looks sick and pale. Is Jose Enrique shaking with anger or fear? Both, he’s having trouble breathing, deems Ricky.

“What is wrong, primo? Who called you?” asks Ricky, with real concern for Jose Enrique.

He strides around the desk to get to Jose Enrique to check his pulse and his breathing. “Primo, you’re scaring me. Do you want me to call the paramedics?” He starts to undo his tie and the top button of his shirt. I think that I will call the paramedics. My primo is not looking well. He might be having a heart attack, thinks Ricky, reaching for the phone. He’s halted by Jose Enrique.

“No primo, I’m okay. I’m just a little shocked,” says Jose Enrique, standing. He walks around taking deep breaths. This is so surreal. What am I going to do, thinks Jose Enrique?

 “Primo, that call was from an unknown caller from out of the country. It appears to be from Mexico. He said that Senor Lopez highly recommends us. He wants our compania to do some money laundering. I told him that we’re not interested and ended the call. He called back, that’s when you entered the room. He gives me until Monday to reconsider or he’ll encourage us to associate with them,” croaks Jose Enrique.

He’s shaking with fear and anger. “How are we going to avoid becoming involved? I fear for our familia, our loved ones,” says Jose Enrique. He turns to look at Ricky, with frustration.

Yeah, just what I thought. He’s in shock like I was. It’s a very hard pill to swallow, ponders Jose Enrique.

He walks over to Ricky, undoing his tie and top button on his shirt. He rubs Ricky’s back, hoping to get him to start breathing. “Primo, take deep breaths, breathe. Come on, think of Jacki. Yeah, nice and easy,” says Jose Enrique. I cannot believe this.

“Are you serious? Maybe it’s a prank call,” rasps Ricky, as he starts to breathe normally again. He takes a few steps to try to relax his tensed body.

“We really need to contact somebody that can assist us. Maybe Christian or Claudia, they’ll have a better idea of how to handle this,” says Ricky, stopping to stand in front of Jose Enrique.

“Maybe we should just wait until Monday and see if this is for real. Maybe they’ll leave us alone,” states Ricky.

“Yeah, primo, maybe you’re right. We’ll see what they say on Monday. It doesn’t matter what they want. We are not participating in anything that is illegal. We have worked hard to achieve our financial position,” says Jose Enrique, with conviction. “I don’t want our familia hurt.”

He walks around his office like a wild animal in a cage. Ricky is attempting to overcome the intense fear that he has for the familia.

“I still feel that we should call Claudia or Christian, primo. This is real serious and the familia can get hurt,” says Ricky. “It’s better to be prepared.”

“Let’s wait until Monday, primo. I don’t want the familia to know. I don’t want our padres to worry. Let’s keep this between us for now, agreed?” asks Jose Enrique, stopping to look into Ricky’s eyes.

Ricky is rubbing his neck and trying to get control of his heartbeat. This is so damn scary. We just don’t deal with these types of scum. “Okay, primo, we’ll wait until Monday. Maybe it is a prank call,” says Ricky, turning around and leaving the office

♥  ♥  ♥

Jaime returns to El Mextli’s office after making the call to the De La Cruz familia in the southern California area. Jaime is shaking his cabeza, thinking, Los De La Cruz and López no van a jugar (are not going to play). I know that we want to take control of the entire California market and then take over the Texas market.

“Did you make the call?” asks El Mextli, cutting up an apple with his silver intricately engraved knife, looking out over the ocean from his mansion’s patio on the Baja California Peninsula, Northwest Mexico. “You were muy claro (clear) that they have to play with us?”

“Si Mextli, but I know that they will fight against us before they ever agree to jugar con nosotros,” says Jaime, looking at his jefe. I know that he looks all polished, bueno, and educated, but I know better. He wasn’t called Mextli after the Azteca war god for nothing.

“Did you warn them against contacting the policia? You did give them until el Lunes?” asks Mextli, turning to look at his right hand.

“Si, and they stated that they are not interested,” says Jaime, looking at Mextli, knowing that he’s not as calmado or bueno (calm or nice) as he appears. He can strike out at any minute with his knife if he so desires. Mextli has earned his position as a drug lord and name for his cruelty in war.

“El Lunes, you will make the call otra vece (again), and then we’ll start to put some pequeño avisos (small warnings) if they don’t want to jugar,” says Mextli. “We’ll start contacto con Lopez el Sabado next week. De La Cruz and López are ricos and tiene poder (rich and have power). Todo is in place and I will control California and Baja California.” He throws his knife into the tree with pleasure.

♥  ♥  ♥

Jessy finishes reviewing the new contract. The contract is from a former client’s office that has selected one of the packages for remodeling. These packages are working out real good.  We have several contracts that will be starting next week. I hope that the new assistant will start soon, thinks Jessy, finishing signing her name to the contract.

Bella walks in, sits in front of her desk in a comfortable burgundy leather chair, grinning. “Jessy, I have a start date for our new assistant Ms. Monique Acosta.  She agrees to start on the following Monday June 13.  I feel that we just hired the best interior decorating design assistant,” says Bella, thrilled with their new hire.

“Bella, that is great news and a relief,” says Jessy, nodding with pleasure.

“Are you and Jose Enrique going to the club tonight?  Please go. We had so much fun last week,” says Bella, looking at Jessy. “Paty is going. We’ll have so much fun. Get Jacki and Ricky to go, okay?  We need to relax after a hard week at work, amiga.”

“Bella, you’re right. I’ll ask Jose Enrique to take me and I’ll make sure that Ricky and Jacki also go. See ya later,” says Jessy, smiling, nodding in agreement.

Bella exits her office going to get her purse in her office. Bella runs into Ricky on her way out. “Primo, are you two going to the club tonight. We all need to have fun and to relax after such a stressful week.” says Bella, nodding. She didn’t wait for his response. She gave her primo a hug and strides down the hall. Bella didn’t notice how pale and upset Ricky is.

Good thing that Bella didn’t notice anything is wrong, ponders Ricky. My prima is right. It’ll be fun to go to the club with my Reina.  The thought of seeing his Reina makes him feel a lot better.

We now have to wait until Monday and see. It can be a joke. We need to wait until I find out who is doing this prank on us. I will kill him.  He gave us heart failure, thinks Ricky, walking down the hall to his office.

Ricky starts calling his Reina. I need to have her get ready to go out for dinner and to the club, thinks Ricky. Jacki left early today to get some of the wedding details planned out with Erica. I know that my Reina is excited about the boda, he grins.

Jacki went home real happy with the wedding plans. Everything is going to be beautiful. Gracias a Dios that Erica also wants a small wedding party, contemplates Jacki.

My new familia is going to be great. I just love them.  I know that it also helps that I have known the primas since junior high school.

I need to go and tell mi Mama not to worry about anything. All she needs to do is look Bella, thinks Jacki.  I need to get real sexy for mi baby.  He’ll be here soon to pick me up. Oh, I just can’t wait. She smiles, walking into her house. Jacki enters her room after spending the last three hours with Erica planning their double wedding. This is so exciting. Erica and I both want soft pastel pink for our wedding. It makes everything so much easier, thinks Jacki, smiling. Her cell phone rings.

“Hola, Baby,” says Jacki, beaming with pleasure.

“My Reina, I want to pick you up at 5:30 to take you out to dinner and then to the club. Los primos will be at the club. Do you like the idea or would you like to go somewhere else?” asks Ricky. “I want whatever you want, always.”

“Baby, that sounds like lots of fun. I bet Jessy and Jose Enrique will also go. Okay pick me up at 5:30. I love you,” says Jacki, nodding.

“Okay myReina, I’ll see you in a little bit. Love you,” says Ricky, ending the call, striding to his car.

Jacki leaves her room to look for her Mama. “Mama, where are you?” calls out Jacki, anxiously looking for her Mama. I can’t wait to tell her all about the wedding plans.

“Mi hija, I’m here in the kitchen making dinner. Are you and Ricky going to stay for dinner tonight?” asks her Mama Rosa. She’s cutting the tomatoes for the salad.

“No Mama, Ricky said he wants to take me out to dinner and then to the club, dancing. I’m sorry, Mama. I didn’t think of telling him that we should have dinner with you and Papa,” says Jacki. She’s looking at her Mama, hoping that she’s not hurt.

“Mi hija, don’t worry about us. You enjoy your time with your esposo.  I do understand.” says her Mama Rosa, nodding. She looks at her Bella hija. I know that Ricky loves mi Jacki. There really is no need to worry about Jacki. She selected a fantastic hombre for su esposo, contemplates Mama Rosa, smiling.

“Okay, Mama, I need to get ready. Ricky will be picking me up soon. I love you, Mama,” says Jacki, smiling then leaning in to give her a beso with all of her amor.


Chapter Thirty-Eight


Ricky pulls into his Reina’s house driveway, getting out in a hurry to see her. He knocks on the door hoping that his Reina will answer. No such luck. Her Mama answers.

“Mi hijo, you don’t need to knock, this is your house,” says Mama Rosa. “Come in, Ricardo.”

Ricky walks into the house, smiling. I really like my Reina’s Mama. She’s so sweet like my Reina, thinks Ricky. He walks to the sofa to take a seat, looking around, hoping to see Jacki walk into the living room.

“Do you want something to drink Ricardo?” asks Mama Rosa, smiling with pleasure. Si, he is a grand hombre and this makes me muy happy, ponders Mama Rosa.

“Gracias, senora, I’m fine,” replies Ricky, smiling.

“It’s getting closer to the wedding,” says Mama Rosa, looking at the calendar.

“I know senora, estoy muy excited. I’m extremely anxious for the boda to get here,” says Ricky grinning, looking at his suegra.

Jacki walks into the living room, strides directly to Ricky. She goes up to him as he stands. Jacki reaches up, pulls him down for a hot beso.

Ricky quickly wraps his arms around his Reina’s small waist, sighing with relief. He hears Mama Rosa leave the living room to give them some privacy.

“Baby, we need to go and have dinner I’m starving. I don’t know why I’m so hungry,” says Jacki, taking Ricky’s hand, pulling him to the door calling out to su Mama. “Mama, ya mi voy (I’m leaving).”

Ricky thinks about what Jacki said about being real hungry. Don’t pregnant women get real hungry? Yeah, almost time to take a test, he contemplates with pleasure, smiling. Mi bebe is on his way, I just know it.

“Where do you want to go to eat, my Reina?” asks Ricky, smiling with pleasure. I’ll take her anywhere she wants as long as she eats everything, thinks Ricky.

“I really have been thinking about Fettuccine Alfredo with some fresh baked pan. Hmmm, it sounds so good,” says Jacki, looking at her Baby as he opens the car door for her. She gives him a beso on the cheek and slides into the seat.

Ricky quickly drives to the restaurant so that Jacki can have some dinner. I don’t want her to be hungry. She needs to be healthy for mi bebe, thinks Ricky.

Jacki orders her Fettuccine Alfredo with some chicken and Ricky with shrimp, salad and some water.

“Mi amor, we only have two more weeks and then we’ll be married in our church ceremony. I just can’t wait. We should go early in the morning shopping for our furniture,” says Ricky, taking her hand, pulling her closer to him.

Jacki looks at Ricky with todo su amor shining from su eyes. “Baby, I love you. I’d love to go get our furniture, our bedroom set, it’s so exciting,” she takes a sip of water.

“Baby I also want to get my kitchen appliances and supplies, I want to cook for you that week that we have to ourselves,” says Jacki.

Jacki pulls Ricky closer to kiss his cheek, going to his ear to whisper. “Baby, I can’t wait to make love in our own bed. I want to put whipped cream on you and lick the cream off you,” she pulls back to look at his face.

She wants to see his expression, his eyes are closed. He pictures the whipped cream on him, he shudders, opens his eyes half way full of pasión. Ricky pulls her into his arms, kissing her with todo the hot burning pasión that she incites with her fantasias (fantasies).

My Reina is driving me loco not only with her touch and taste, but also with her fantasías. I can just picture her licking the whipped cream off me, thinks Ricky, trembling with frantic need.

Oh yeah, I love it when he goes all wild with need, thinks Jacki. She runs her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer to respond to his hot beso.

The waiter strides to their booth and Ricky recalls where they’re at. Ricky pulls away from his Reina very reluctantly. He looks at her with hot burning need, holding her close.

The waiter sets down the drinks, salad, and hot freshly baked bread which instantly awakens Jacki’s hunger. “Hmm, this smells so good,” says Jacki, taking a piece of the bread.

“Is there anything else that I can get you sir?” asks the waiter, looking at Ricky.

“No that’s it, just bring our main dishes when they’re ready,” requests Ricky, looking at Jacki eat the bread with so much gusto.

“Baby, next week we’ll be able to start moving our things into our house. I think that we should start with our bedroom, family room and kitchen. We can furnish the rest of the house as we go. What do you think, Baby?” asks Jacki, looking at Ricky, eating her salad.

“My Reina, I think that we’ll do whatever makes you happy,” responds Ricky, looking at his Reina with amor.

“Hmm, thank you this is so good, I was starving,” says Jacki, after she takes the last bite that she can eat.

“Baby, we’ll go to the club for a little while? Then you will make love to me?” asks Jacki in Ricky’s ear, making him shudder.

Ricky pulls her into his arms, kisses her ear lobe, and tells her everywhere he’s going to love her. He loves how she trembles.

♥  ♥  ♥

Jose Enrique and Jessy enter the club. He hugs her real close to his side, draping his brazo over her small waist.

Los primos are near the bar and the primas just a few tables away. He approaches the table to sit down with Jessy. He pulls out the chair for Jessy to sit. The primas wave and smile at them.

“Mi amor, do you want a margarita?” asks Jose Enrique, smiling at Jessy.

“Si, mi vida,” answers Jessy smiling. “Hi primas,” says Jessy, looking at Bella, Paty, and the bebe’s. “Are Erica and Gabriel coming? Jacki and Ricky were leaving after we did,” says Jessy, smiling.

“Amiga, we hope so. We all told them to come and have some fun with us,” says Bella, smiling, looking around the club. “I want to dance.”

“Si, I want to dance also,” says Paty, looking round the club to see if anybody interesting had shown up. “I probably have to dance with los primos.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe we should go to another club,” says Claudia, gazing around the room, not noticing anybody interesting.

“I know that someday I’ll meet mi amor, mi alma. I’m willing to wait,” says Bella, nodding and taking a sip of her drink.

“Well, I hope it’s soon, because todos are locating theirs,” says Paty, pouting.

“Well primas, we’ll meet the one when dios wants us to, okay?” says Claudia, taking a drink of her Corona swaying to the music.

“Just be patient, I know it’ll be soon. Look at Ricky and Jacki. Now that was quick,” says Jessy, nodding with amusement.

“I know and they’re truly in love. You can see their amor when they gaze into each other’s eyes. Just like you, Jose Enrique, Erica, and Gabriel. It’s amazing to see. I hope that I’ll find my alma gemela,” says Paty, dreaming of su amor.

“I’m sure you will. Here comes Jacki and Ricky now. Look at them. They only have eyes for each other. It is amazing,” says Bella, smiling.

“I know. I know that Jacki loves him a lot. She wouldn’t have eloped with him if she didn’t,” says Jessy, looking at her hermana grinning with joy.

Ricky and Jacki approach the table, wave at todos. Jacki rests her purse down on the table. “We’re going to dance. See ya in a bit,” says Jacki at the primas.

Ricky pulls her away to the dance floor, quickly holds her in his arms and talks into her ear.

“Te amo, Ricardo,” whispers Jacki gazing into his eyes. “I want to stay only for a little while. I want to spend time alone.”

“Oh yeah my Reina,” replies Ricky pulling her closer. “We will leave in about an hour, okay?”

“Si baby,” replies Jacki, pulling him down for a beso. She pulls back to gaze into his eyes.


Chapter Thirty-Nine


“Well, we’ll be lucky if we can talk to them later. Ricky and Jacki could leave us again,” says Veronica, grinning with amusement.

“Yeah I know. It must be hard not to be able to be together even if they’re married,” states Bella, nodding.

“I wouldn’t blame them if they disappear again before the night is over,” says Paty, gazing at them.

“I know I would,” says Claudia. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t cover for them.  If it was me, I would want you to cover for me.”

“Si, that makes sense and we’re adults. Our padres will not be hurt if they don’t know. I don’t know if los primos will cover for us though. They’re hombres and they still feel that they can do things that we can’t, even now,” says Bella, shaking her head with amazement.

“I think that we should make a pact to cover for each other when we know that we have met the one, your amor, your alma gemela.  I wouldn’t want to be hiding to be with mi amor. We’ll all know when that person has arrived. Look at our sweet Erica. She is shy and sweet, but she still knew when she met su amor, su alma gemela,” says Claudia, observing todas the primas.

“Si, especially when we’re engaged. I don’t want to be aching for mi amor and not be able to be with him,” says Bella, smiling she looks out the window dreaming.

“I think that’s a grand idea,” says Paty nodding in agreement. “I know I’ll not want to wait until the boda to be with mi amor. I have waited long enough. I’m waiting for mi alma gemela. When I know I have him, I know I’ll not wait. Why should we? We’re adults,” states Paty, looking around the table at the primas.

“You have not said a thing Jessy, what’s up?” asks Veronica, looking at her with curiosity.

You would think that since she’s engaged, and so in love, she would put her two cents in, ponders Claudia.

Todas the primas look at Jessy, waiting for her thoughts. They could see that she has a lot to say, but will she have the nerve? They all wait for her input and expect it to be a good one.

“I think that all of you are correct. I feel the same way. It’s difficult and painful not to be able to be with your alma gemela, your amor. We’re trying not to hurt our padres. Our padres are old school. I would really appreciate it if you did cover for us,” says Jessy, smiling, blushing. She isn’t admitting that they have worked around that issue with difficulties.

“I can see that you have tried to follow the customs. I, for one, will not ever mention anything to our padres if you two sneak out,” says Paty, smiling at her amiga.

I know that they try hard not to alert anybody on where they are. I think that los primos know or suspect. It’s okay. They’re adults, contemplates Claudia, taking another drink of her Corona.

“Si, we will,” agrees Bella, nodding. “I will expect the same from you when I have the need to be with mi alma gemela, mi amor.”

“We’ll know that he’s the one. We should say he’s the one, that way we’ll know what is happening. We will cover for you,” says Claudia, smiling. This is so cool to have a pact and pass for our future amor, thinks Claudia.

“Yeah, that sounds cool,” responds Veronica, nodding in agreement, with amusement, swaying to the music.

“Si, we should start with Jessy, Jacki, and Erica,” says Bella, thrilled with the pact. “We all know that they’re getting married or married like Jacki.”

“Si, we need to tell Erica about the pact. I think that she’d like to know,” says Paty, nodding in agreement.

“What about los primos? Should we tell them about the pact?” asks Claudia, contemplating what to do.

“Si, it’ll make their life easier,” responds Bella, nodding. “It’s a relief to know that we all reached the same conclusion.”

“Erica and her hunk just arrived,” says Claudia, grinning and appraising Gabriel.

“Yeah, wow!” says Paty, looking at Gabriel. “I want one of those too.” says Paty, pouting with brilliant but wicked eyes.

“I agree prima, I also want one,” says Bella, nodding in agreement, gazing at Gabriel.

Erica and Gabriel approach their table smiling at each other. Gabriel wraps his arm around Erica’s small waist, hugging her close to his side.

“Baby I want to dance with you. I need to feel your arms around me. I miss you,” says Erica, gazing up into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Okay, angel, let’s greet your primos and then we can go dance. Okay?” says Gabriel, looking into his hot, sweet angel’s eyes.

“Si baby,” says Erica, nodding in agreement, flashing her cute dimples. “Hi, primas! Why don’t you dance?” asks Erica, looking around the table, smiling with amusement.

“Because there aren’t any more hunks out there, you took the last one,” states Claudia, grinning, taking another drink of her Corona.

“Yeah,” agrees Paty, looking at Gabriel. I insist that I want one like him, she thinks.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I did take the last one,” replies Erica, with a hot hungry smile, regarding her baby.

“Okay I want to dance with mi Baby. I haven’t seen him all week. See ya later,” says Erica, turning to Gabriel.

“Prima, can we have a few words with you please?” asks Paty, smiling.

“Si, we promise it’ll be quick. Maybe Gabriel can greet los primos,” says Veronica, nodding.

Erica looks at sus primas. They want to tell me something. Okay, she thinks. She turns to look at Gabriel. “Baby, please give me a few minutes? Please,” says Erica, looking into his eyes, smiling.

Gabriel looks at his hot angel. He leans into her, whispers in her ear. “Angel, I’ll be waiting, because I need you. Okay?” says Gabriel, pulling away to give her a quick beso.

Erica turns to look at her primas and takes a seat. They all hunch and meet in the center of the table to talk.

“Prima, we have made a pact that’ll be helpful for you now,” says Claudia, contemplating Erica.

“What kind of pact?” asks Erica, with curiosity.

“We have decided to …………….so that’ why we’re telling you,” says Paty, nodding with satisfaction.

“Okay, it’s a pact. We only have to tell los primos and Jacki. I think we will tell los primos as each one gets involved with their alma, su amor. Case by case basis,” says Claudia, smirking.

“Okay, because I’ll be leaving early tonight,” says Erica. She looks at her primas. “Okay, primas, I’m going to dance for a little while with mi Baby. I’ll leave as soon as I want to. Please don’t expect me to say adios,” says Erica, standing, grinning.


Chapter Forty


Christian walks in just in time to see Gabriel and Erica start to dance. He stands for a few seconds to observe them, yeah they’re in love. At least he’s not playing with my little hermana, contemplates Christian.

Christian walks to the primas table smiling, he takes a seat. “Hermana, I just finished spending some time drinking mocha and talking with Monique,” says Christian, smiling, flashing his beautiful dimples.

“Hola, primo,” says Jose Enrique as he takes Jessy’s hand, leading her to the dance floor.

“Hola, primo,” answers Christian, watching Jose Enrique.

“Wow, hermano, that is quick,” says Bella, grinning with amusement.

Christian smiles at the primas. “I have a date with her manana,” says Christian.

“Si primo, good luck, and let us know if she is the one so we can cover for you,” says Veronica, grinning.

“What do you mean?” asks Christian, looking with lots of curiosity at his primas.

“Well, hermano, we have decided …….” says Bella, regarding su hermano with curiosity. Si, I want to see how he’ll respond to this, thinks Bella.

The primas are something else, ponders Christian. They’re correct. We are all adults. We’re all trying to continue our Mexican traditions and customs. Our padres are old school. It’s hard to follow those traditions, especially when you’re in love.

“I hope that it’s only in force when the primas know for certain and have a commitment from the one. Then the plan can start. I don’t want you to be intimate with the incorrect hombre. The one will be the one. You can feel it. You just know it,” says Christian, observing each prima and su hermana.

“That’s exactly what we believe,” says Bella, nodding in agreement, smiling.

“Yeah, and we’ll never become intimate with a hombre that is not the one,” states Claudia as she looks at her primo with disbelief.

“I’ll cover each one of you when I know for sure that el hombre is the one. I’ll talk to that hombre to make sure. That is the only condition,” says Christian, with an evil smile.

“Hermano, you will be told that he’s the one. We’re not niñas. We’re adults,” says Bella, firmly.

Christian looks at each one to get their commitment. Good, they agree with my stipulation. Now I have to be on alert to make sure that the one is the one, thinks Christian, smiling. He leaves to talk to los primos.

“Hola, hermano, primos what’s up?” asks Christian as he sits in the middle of Tony and Alex. “Where’s Javier?”

“Javier is dancing and I’m just having a drink looking at the love birds,” says Alex with a sigh.

“Yeah, it looks like our group is slowing getting smaller. I wonder who’s next?” says Tony, looking at Christian.

“I have met a special chica. I think she could be the one,” says Christian, smiling, flashing his dimples. He takes a drink, looks at his hermano and primo’s reaction.

“You’re kidding, right?” asks Alex, looking at his hermano. “Unbelievable! The fever is hitting everyone.”

“Primo, I don’t believe you,” says Tony, frowning with dislike at the thought. He takes a deep drink. “All of our fun is going down the drain. That will leave only Alex and me. Javier is hardly ever here.”

Christian looks at Alex and Tony. “I was talking to the primas and hermana and they have come ………..” says Christian.

Christian observes his hermano and primo, waiting for their reactions.

“That’s incredible,” says Alex, taking a drink from his cerveza.

“That can be dangerous,” says Tony, shaking his head with disbelief.

“Exactly, I asked the primas to make sure to tell me first when they feel that they have met the one. I told them that I want to talk to the one,” says Christian, looking at Alex and Tony. He takes a drink from his Corona.

“Okay, but it’s still dangerous,” says Alex, shaking his head.

“Si, and I do see their point. Look, we’re all adults. We’ll find the one and we’ll not want to wait until the boda. I know that I wouldn’t wait,” says Chris, looking at them with a big wicked smile, flashing his dimples.

“Okay, I see your point,” says Tony, nodding.

“Yeah, hermano, I think that you’re right. I understand. I will honor the pact. I also want to make sure that el hombre is serious and is for real the one,” says Alex, regarding the primas and his hermana. “I don’t want any hombre playing with our tesoros.”

“Si, I’m with you Alex,” agrees Tony, contemplating the primas and his hermanas.

“Okay, I think that this is a real thought out pact. I know it is needed because we’re young, healthy and in love,” says Christian.

Ricky and Jacki return from dancing to talk to los primos. Ricky went to hang with los primos for a few minutes.

“What’s up, primos?” he asks grinning, turning to Matt for a Corona.

“Christian is in love,” says Tony, smirking, leaning to the side before Christian’s fist connects.

“Yeah, he is,” agrees Alex, smiling at Ricky.

“Primo, I highly recommend this love business, it is very rewarding,” says Ricky, winking at his primo.

“Si primo, I’m beginning to reap the rewards,” agrees Christian, grinning.

“Well, Jacki, we want to tell you that we have made a pact among us,” says Paty, smiling at Jacki.

“Yeah, hermana, we decided that we will cover for you and Ricky if you want to take off early,” says Veronica, grinning.

“All of us want and expect to be covered when we meet the one. We want to be able to be with our love,” says Bella.

“I know I will not wait to be married,” says Claudia, taking a drink of her Corona.

“Jessy, Erica, and Christian agree it’s a great plan,” says Paty.

“So you two can leave and not worry about us. Okay?” says Bella, nodding.

“Wow! What a great pact. I’ll tell Ricky. It has been hard on us,” says Jacki, looking at her Baby.

“Si, we know. That’s why we thought about the pact,” says Claudia, nodding, smiling with pleasure.

Ricky sees Jacki look at him. Si, my Reina is ready to leave. My Reina wants to make love now, he thinks, winking at her. She smiles back at him, making him feel like a teenager getting a smile from his crush.

“Okay, primos, I’ll talk to ya later,” he says, striding to his Reina. Los primos watch him leave.

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Thirty-Five

Great, it’s time to see my Reina, thinks Ricky, striding quickly down the hall to get to his Reina’s office.

Ricky walks into the accounting office. He looks at his Reina. Jacki is getting her purse. She’s ready for lunch.

Ricky walks over to Jacki and gives her a beso. He then whispers. “I love you, my Reina.”

Jacki whispers into his ear. “I love you,” pulling back and smiling. “Baby, I would like you to meet my accounting colleagues Sally Ann, Susan and Debbie,” says Jacki, smiling with pleasure, looking at the girls that are in awe.

They have never seen him up close. Yeah, my baby is a hunk, thinks Jacki. My baby is such a gentleman.

Ricky leaves Jacki’s side, walks over to greet them extending his hand. “Nice to meet you Susan, Sally Ann, and Debbie,” says Ricky, smiling. “Did my Jacki show you our wedding photos? Didn’t she look like a queen?” he asks, with a twinkle in his gorgeous green eyes.

“Yes Mr. De La Cruz. The pictures are just beautiful, both of you look real happy. Congratulations,” says Susan, appearing enchanted.

“Jacki looks very beautiful. Her gown and rings are amazing,” says Debbie, looking at Ricky with awe.

“We’re extremely happy for Jacki,” says Sally Ann, smiling at Ricky.

“Thank you. We’re very happy,” says Ricky, turning to pull his Reina into his side. “Are you ready to go?”

“Si Baby,” says Jacki. “See you in a few,” Ricky and Jacki walk out of the office, down the hall to get some lunch.

“Baby I miss you. I need you,” says Jacki, getting into his car.

He pulls her into his arms, kisses her with all of his pasión and need that he’s feeling. “My Reina, you smell delicious, you look delicious, and I’m so hungry. I feel like I will explode with need.” says Ricky, devouring her mouth, pulling her closer to him.

Mi Baby is just as hungry as I am. I want him. “Baby, we’re going to go get lunch and then can we return to your office?” asks Jacki with all her pasión in her voice.

“That sounds good. Let’s get some sandwiches and drinks. Then we can eat them in mi office,” says Ricky, grinning in agreement.

He pulls back with all of the remaining strength that he has. Ricky starts the car, pulling out of the parking space. He goes to get the sandwiches that he always orders.

They were back in his office in no time. Ricky locks the door and clears his desk. Good thing I have my private restroom, thinks Ricky. “My Reina, I’ll ask Jose Enrique about converting the office next door into a room for us,” says Ricky. He gives her a quick beso and they start to eat their lunch.

“Baby, don’t forget that I’ll be leaving early today to meet with Erica. We’re planning out the details of our boda (wedding),” says Jacki.

She takes a bite of her sandwich and looks at him. I’ll never stop looking at him. He’s so gorgeous. I know that Susan, Sally Ann, and Debbie fell in love. They didn’t call him the playboy for nothing. Todas the mujers fall in love with mi baby, ponders Jacki.

“Okay my Reina. I’ll pick you up later, okay?” says Ricky, looking at his Reina. My Reina is just a muñeca. I love looking at her, kissing her, tasting her, loving her, and just about everything about her, thinks Ricky, smiling, bursting with amor. He leans over to give her a beso.

“Baby, have you thought of where we’ll have our luna de miel?” asks Jacki. “I’d love to go to Cancun.”

“My Reina, we can go anywhere that you want. If you want to go to Cancun I’ll make arrangements to leave on Monday after the wedding. I really don’t want to rush around after the wedding. We rushed around plenty last weekend,” says Ricky, smiling at his Reina.

“Baby, that sounds great. I know what you mean. We did pull a marathon this last weekend. I don’t know how you did it. We even had a nice wedding,” says Jacki, laughing at him with joy.

Ricky contemplates his Bella Reina. He feels that he’s the luckiest hombre alive. I truly found a true Reina. She’s perfect in every way. I love her personality and especially her loving. No other chica has made me feel what I do for my Reina, thinks Ricky blissfully.

Jacki looks at him with all of her heart reflecting in her eyes. I think I will hurry and eat so I can have some time with my delicious baby, thinks Jacki.

“My Reina we need to go shopping for our furniture. Alfredo called me today and he said that our house will be ready Monday, June 13, the week of our wedding. We probably are able to go there after the wedding. What do you want? Do you want to go to a hotel instead?” asks Ricky.

“Baby I would love to start preparing our house as soon as we get it on June 13.  We can go and order our furniture to have them delivered on Tuesday June 14.  Good thing that the house has just been remodeled. We don’t have to paint the house,” says Jacki, smiling with happiness. She has a dreamy look on her face.

“Sounds like a plan,” replies Ricky. I really enjoy making my Reina happy. She’s right about getting our house ready.

“Baby, we can spend the first week of our two week luna de miel at Cancun. I would love to spend our second week in our house getting acclimated to our house and our marriage. What do you think?” asks Jacki, with huge hopeful eyes. She looks at Ricky.

Ricky gets up, walks over to her, and pulls her into his arms. “My Reina, I think that I will love spending a week in our house and starting our marriage without anybody around. I want to love you in our house in every room all day long. I don’t want anybody to know that we’ll be there, okay,” says Ricky, kissing her with all of his pasión.

After a few moments, Jacki pulls back. I really need to tell him my ideas, thinks Jacki, gazing into his eyes.

“Baby, it’ll be so much fun. I can cook for you. We need to have todo ready so we’ll not have to leave the house. I want to be able to bathe together. I can’t wait to have you in our bed all night long. We can see movies, eat, go swimming, skinny dipping, and love all day and night. It’ll be heaven. Just you and me, Baby,” Jacki pulls him back into her arms with urgency. I need my baby near me now, thinks Jacki, hungry for him.

Ricky hugs her closer, responding to her needs. He rains besos all over su beautiful face, adoring her.

“My Reina, that sounds better than Cancun. I would say that we don’t go to Cancun, but I know that someone will know that we’ll be in the house. They will come over to visit. I really want you for myself for a while,” says Ricky. He kisses her with the same urgency that Jacki feels for him.

As soon as they both finish their lunch they fall into each other’s arms. The remaining lunch break is spent loving each other.


Chapter Thirty-Six

Erica is ready to see her baby. She went to the family room to talk to su Mama and Tia Lupe. They are already here for the wedding plans. They’re talking about the wedding.

“Si mi hija, I did see Jacki’s wedding gown that mi baby, Ricky, bought her in The Vegas. I think it’s absolutely hermoso and so are her wedding rings. I think that they look so fantastic together,” says Tia Lupe smiling.

“Si comadre, los chicos look hermosos together.  We should be real happy with dios for giving our niño’s such awesome partners,” says Erica’s Mama Maria.

“Aye comadre, I can’t wait for our nietos. I have been dreaming of them for so long. I’m so happy that now we’ll have little niño’s around us. I want to take care of my nietos if the Mama’s want to continue to work. I’ll have no problema. It’ll be my dreams come true,” says Tia Lupe, daydreaming, sighing with pleasure.

“I know that I’ll want to take care of mi own baby. Of course Mama and my tia’s can help me,” says Erica, smiling, flashing her dimple.

Jacki gets out of su car. She strides quickly to the door, knocking. Erica is waiting for Jacki to plan out the details of their double wedding.

Erica hears the knock at the door. I bet its Jacki. This is so much fun. Jacki, the bebe’s, and I went to school together.

“I’ll get the door, Mama,” says Erica, standing, striding to the door. Erica smiles, flashing her dimples and opens the door. “Hola prima,” says Erica. She gives her a hug and a beso on her cheek. She smiles at Jacki and motions her to come in.

Erica is so sweet, thinks Jacki, I really like her. “Hola prima, I’m so excited,” says Jacki. “I just can’t wait. I want to live with my Baby.”

“I can just imagine. Gabriel and I are just as anxious to be together. At least you can see Ricky at work every day. I only get a call from him every day. Not fair,” says Erica, pouting with sad eyes.

“I bet it is hard, Erica. I know that our boda will be here soon,” replies Jacki, nodding.

“This way prima, let’s go to the familia room and plan out the details. Mi Mama and Tia Lupe are also helping us,” says Erica.

Jacki follows Erica into the familia room and greets her suegra and Ricky’s Tia Maria.

All of them plan out the boda down to the smallest detail. Erica and Jacki have the same ideas and dreams. It all works out perfectly.

“I’m so happy, prima, that you also want soft pastel pink,” says Erica, nodding with happiness.

“Si, I’m muy happy that we agree on all the same things. It certainly makes it easier to plan. We did get all of the details, right?” asks Jacki, looking at su suegra and Tia Lupe.

“Si mi hija, don’t worry about a thing. We’ll take care of todo,” says Mama Lupe. She’s so happy that su Ricky is married and now is getting married by the church with this awesome chica.

“Okay. I know I can count on you,” says Jacki, smiling at her baby’s Mama.

“I need to get going. Ricky will be picking me up for dinner,” says Jacki, standing. She gives Mama Lupe, Mama Maria, and Erica a hug and besos.

“Adiós, mi hija,” say the Mamás.

Erica stands and walks Jacki to the door. “It was so much fun prima,” says Erica, flushed, smiling. “I can’t wait for our boda.”

“Will you be seeing Gabriel tonight?” asks Jacki, with a little sadness for her prima.

“I will, I just don’t know what time he’ll get out of his training. It’ll depend on what the instructor wants. He’ll be here as soon as he can. I just have to be patient,” says Erica with resignation.

“Hope you get to see him soon. Adios,” says Jacki.  She walks out to her car. Okay, now I need to get home. I know that he will be ready to have dinner. I need to start a list of the meals I want to make my Baby. Oh yeah, it’s going to be amazing, thinks Jacki, pulling into the driveway. I need to hurry and get ready. It’s later than I thought.

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias Chapter Thirty-one ~ Chapter Thirty-Three

Hot & Enchanting, De La Cruz Saga

Chapter Thirty-One 

Ricky and Jacki are at Jacki’s padre’s home. They’re standing in the driveway talking about their plans for the next few days.

They’re leaning against his red hot sports car. Ricky is embracing her, his arms wrapped around her small waist.  My Reina is muy Bella and sweet.

“My Reina, I love you,” says Ricky, pulling her closer to give her a hungry beso. Si she’s hot and muy passionate. I love tasting every single inch of her sweet mouth. His hands start wandering to her sweet tight rear end, grasping her, pulling her closer against him.

Jacki pulls away from the beso. I need to ask him when I should expect him manana. “Baby, are you going to call me manana? Are you going to come over for dinner at my padre’s house?  Would you rather we went out to eat dinner? Do you want to go to your padre’s house for dinner?  You will be here early from work?” asks Jacki. “I can go into work so we can have lunch together.”

“Si my Reina, but it’ll be real crazy manana and I really don’t want you going through that. I will call you from the office. I will also be here by five.  We can decide then what we want to do, okay?” says Ricky, holding her tightly in his arms. “My Reina, I can’t wait to have you in my bed every night. I will be able to love you, hold you whenever I want, and I don’t want to let you go.”

“Baby I know, I don’t want to leave you, I want you with me in mi bed. I love you,” says Jacki in a small, sad voice. “I thought we would be together since we’re married. I don’t get this. We’re adults.”maciasjackiandrickyfirekimi2jpg_25460

“I know, my Reina. It has to do with the Mexican traditions, customs, and beliefs. You know one of the biggest reasons is that in our padre’s eyes we’re not truly married until we’re married in a church ceremony. My Reina, I can understand the reasoning behind that, but I also know as an attorney that we’re legally married and you’re mi esposa. This is what makes it so hard for me to honor our padre’s wishes.  I want to take you to my house with me. You’re mia, only mia for all eternity,” says Ricky, with frustration, burying his face in her neck.

Ricky and Jacqueline are holding tight, whispering their love, and wants.  They’re not aware that Jose Enrique and Jessy have arrived.

Jose Enrique and Jessy slowly walk up to the driveway. They don’t want to interrupt Ricky and Jessy. It looks like they’re in a deep discussion.  Soon, they’re next to them and stop.

“Primo, you’re still here? What’s up? Are you okay?” asks Jose Enrique with concern.

Ricky turns to look at his primo without letting go of Jacki. He looks straight into his primos eyes. “No primo, no problemas, just talking,” says Ricky. “Since you’re here, I want to let you know that I decided that Jacki will stay home manana.  I don’t want her going through all the questions and media manana.  I already told Bella and Paty.  I just want to let you know.”

“You know primo, I didn’t think of that. You’re right and manana is going to be crazy with media on your elopement and the announcement of my engagement. It’ll be a crazy day manana for sure,” says Jose Enrique, nodding in agreement. “I can see what you mean. I agree with you. Jacki should stay home.”

“Good,” says Ricky, turning to whisper into Jacki’s ear.

“Buenas noches, Ricky,” says Jessy, walking to the house.

“Buenas noches Jessy,” answers Ricky, before kissing Jacki, pulling her even closer, and holding on to her sweet, tight rear. Ricky just can’t bear the thought of leaving her. She’s supposed to be with me. My Reina is mia, only mia.

My baby is so scrumptious, I just want more. I will have to be strong for both of us.  We have to honor our padre’s wishes. Oh dios mio, I love him, she whimpers in his arms, with need.

Ricky whispers in Jacki’s ear, nibbles her ear lobe, causing a delicious shiver throughout her body. “My Reina, I want you, I want you now. I want you en my bed,” says Ricky, with need in his voice.

“Baby, you know I feel the same. That’s why we married. I don’t want to let you go home. All I want is to be with you, always,” says Jacki. “Baby, I think that I need to go inside before my Papa gets upset. It has been at least thirty minutes since Jessy went in. I don’t want mi Papa to set any funny rules.”

“My Reina, don’t even think that. I get depressed just thinking about having a time limit, no way. You’re mi esposa. I’m only honoring our padre’s wishes because I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with either padre’s. I love you. I will call you manana my Reina.” says Ricky.

They walk up to the front door. Ricky reluctantly lets his esposa go. Ricky waits until Jacki steps into the house. Jacki blows him a beso. Ricky smiles but he’s not smiling with his heart. Ricky is not happy.


Chapter Thirty-Two

 Ricky strides into Jose Enrique’s office waving the newspapers in his hands. “Jose Enrique read this. They have me on the front page with my Reina.  I don’t know how they got this picture of us in Vegas.  The damn media is everywhere.  Look at the heading. I can’t believe that’s how the world saw me, as a playboy.” says Ricky, shaking his head. He flops down onto the chair in front of Jose Enrique’s desk.

Jose Enrique picks up the newspaper, immediately sees his primo and his esposa on the front page.  It’s kind of funny.  Well, at least we’re getting free advertising, thinks Jose Enrique, with amusement, glancing at Ricky. “Well primo, you and Jacki look real nice in that picture. Why are you upset?  You did date a new chica every week. What did you expect?  It could have been worse. We’re getting free advertising. Thank you,” says Jose Enrique, grinning.

“Primo, I’m simply happy that my Reina isn’t here to deal with this. I love her and I don’t want her hurt in any way. I don’t want any of the mujeres that I dated to even come near her.  You know how chicas get ideas in their minds about what they felt was going on in the relationship. I didn’t have any relationship with any chica. I only have a relationship with my Reina. That’s it,” says Ricky, standing.

“Si, I know what you mean. I look back at the mujeres that I dated and none of them come close to mi amor. You’re right in that they were merely there. They didn’t reach me in any way,” says Jose Enrique. “Wow, look at this. The media even found out about my engagement and also Erica’s. They really are into everything. No big deal. We’re not trying to hide our engagements and marriage from the world.”

“Si, I noticed that.  I don’t see any problemas at all with the media announcement.  Like you said, we have every right to get engaged, and to get married. I just don’t want them to say anything negative about my Reina.  Everything will be alright,” says Ricky, nodding in agreement. “Yeah, we gained free advertising, primo.”

“Si, now we simply have to work on taking advantage of this moment,” says Jose Enrique, smiling at Ricky.

Jose Enrique’s phone rings, he answers. “Yes, Ms. Jones.” It’s his secretary.

“Mr. De La Cruz, Ms. Nicole Smith and Ms. Vicki Smith are here to see you and Mr. Ricky. Would you like me to show them into your office?” asks Ms. Jones, with concern in her voice.

Ms. Nicole Smith and Ms. Victoria Smith are the twins that Jose Enrique and Ricky dated off and on a few months ago. Jose Enrique and Ricky dated them when they were in town. They’re both models and are always busy. Tall, blond and blue eyed.

Jose Enrique and Ricky were only having a good time, nothing serious.  They enjoyed their company when they were in town. That’s it, period.

Jose Enrique looks at Ricky with disbelief. How did we forget about Nicky and Vicky? Oh, dios mio, thinks Jose Enrique.

“Mr. De La Cruz, would you like me to let them in?” asks Ms. Jones again, waiting for his reply.

Jose Enrique answers. “Ms. Jones take them to the conference room, we will join them in a few,” responds Jose Enrique, with frustration.  Damn, we need to get rid of them and pronto, thinks Jose Enrique.

“I will do as you request,” says Ms. Jones, ending the call.

“Ricky, we need to see them. I forgot all about them. I know they will be furious. How can we forget about them?” asks Jose Enrique. He stands and throws on his suit coat. He’s exceedingly frustrated and alarmed. “Jessy is here and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea. We need to take care of them, now! We need them to leave pronto. Ricky?” says Jose Enrique, turning around to look at Ricky.

“Primo, I’m scared stiff. What if my Reina learns about Vicky? I don’t want her to hurt for anything. Vicky was just a fun time, nothing more. My Reina is not here today, I hope nobody tells her,” says Ricky, trying to take control of his emotions.

He stands. “Let me get my coat, wait for me,” says Ricky, quickly striding out of the office and down the hall to his office.

Ricky is nervous, sweating, and pale. Ricky is having an anxiety attack and he never has had one before. He returns to Jose Enrique’s office, and they both stride to the conference room. They need to clearly advise the twins that they’re not available.

Damn it. Vicky better just disappear from my vida. I don’t owe her a thing. All we did is go out and have fun, thinks Ricky, with anxiety.

Jose Enrique and Ricky anxiously enter the conference room. The momento they enter the room, the twins are ready and they run to them.  Nicky and Vicky are crying and yelling. They’re demanding explanations.

Jose Enrique is endeavoring to push Nicky away from him. Ricky is also attempting to push Vicky out of his arms. The chicas won’t budge. The twins are holding on to them for dear life.

Jose Enrique doesn’t know what to do, I need to get Nicky to let go of me before someone sees them.  I don’t want to risk losing mi amor, he thinks with anxiety.

Ricky is genuinely terrified. I need to get Vicky away from me before Jessy or someone sees us. I don’t want my Reina to hurt in any way and I definitely don’t want to lose her, thinks Ricky, alarmed.

“What are you two doing here,” asks Ricky, with a cold look in his green eyes. “We haven’t heard from either of you since weeks ago and now you just show up? What do you want? Whatever you want Vicky, I’m not interested. I’m extremely in love with my wife.”

“Yes, ladies we want you gone and out of our lives. I’m not interested in anything you have to say, Nicky.  Our relationship has been dead for several weeks.  I’m engaged and in love with my fiancée,” says Jose Enrique, coldly. “I will call security to escort you two out.” he attempts again to get her away from him.

“What do you mean it’s over?  We were away on a contract and we were unable to call.  We now return to learn that you’re engaged and Ricky is married,” whines Nicky, pulling Jose Enrique down, attempting to kiss him. “Baby, you’re mine.”

“Nicky, you need to let go of me, now.” says Jose Enrique, with anger and frustration in his voice.

Nicky and Vicky commence to cry, screaming that they love them, and that they’re not going to just let them go. “Baby, I love you. I’m not letting you go,” yells Nicky, pulling Jose Enrique.

“Let go of me, Vicky. Now!” says Ricky in a very cold tone. Vicky starts to sob louder, along with her sister.

“Why are you doing this to us, we love you.  We thought that we were going to marry,” cries out Nicky.

Jose Enrique and Ricky are attempting to get the twins to let go of them without causing any physical harm to them.

“Si, Jessy, I am sure that Jose Enrique is waiting for us.  He wants to review the list you have comprised, per his request,” says Paty, smiling, looking at her amiga.

“Okay, I’m so excited, amigas. I can’t wait to get started,” says Jessy with a huge happy smile.

“We need to also review if we can hire an assistant for you, Jessy,” says Paty, nodding her head in thought.

Jessy, Paty, and Bella turn the corner, walking down the hall, heading towards Jose Enrique’s office.

The amigas stop after turning the corner. They can hear crying coming from the conference room. Concerned with who can be crying, they rush into the conference room.

The entire room’s occupants turn to look at the Jessy, Paty, and Bella with shock.

Jose Enrique and Ricky lose their coloring, sweating like crazy. They take advantage of the distraction and they shove the twins away from them.

“Dios mio,” says Jose Enrique, endeavoring to gain control of the situation.

Jose Enrique can perceive the hurt and anger that Jessy is feeling in her hermoso golden eyes. What hurts him the most are the tears that are threatening to spill from her eyes.

Jose Enrique strides to her, pulls Jessy into his arms. “Mi amor, it’s not what it appears.  Please believe me.  I have not heard or seen her in twelve weeks. We never expected them to show up,” holding her tight, feeling her shaking with anger, and with hurt. Jose Enrique feels and hears her excruciating sobs.

“Mi amor, please believe in me. Don’t cry,” begs Jose Enrique, rocking Jessy in his arms, kissing her tears away.

Ricky walks over to the phone, calls security. “Yes, I want two officers to come up to the management conference room. We need you to escort two young ladies out of the building, immediately,” snaps Ricky, with anger and frustration.

Ricky turns around to look at the twins with a cold expression. “I want this to be real clear to you, Vicky. Our liaison ended weeks ago. I’m extremely happy and in love with my wife. I want you to stay away from me. I’m not interested, period,” says Ricky, angrily striding out of the room with frustration and fear.

Bella and Paty are looking at the two Bella twins.  They have heard from los primos that Jose Enrique and Ricky dated twins when they were in town. They also know that they were not seriously involved with them.

“I wonder why they decided to show up today, prima?” asks Bella, observing the twins with disgust and pity. “It looks like they are desperate for a man.”

“Could be prima, maybe they just want to start trouble, since they couldn’t catch them,” replies Paty, nodding.  “Prima, you know, just to be spiteful.”

“Oh, here they are. Please escort them out immediately. We want them restricted from entering the office building ever again,” says Paty, turning to look at the twins with cold supreme authority.

The security officer escorts the twins from the room.

“Prima, I think we need to give Jose Enrique and Jessy some privacy,” says Paty, walking out of the conference room.

“Si, prima I was thinking the same. Let’s leave them alone,” says Bella, following Paty out. She locks and closes the conference door before they walk out.

“I think that we need to talk with Ricky and see how we can help him with Jacki,” says Bella, walking down the hall.

“Si, prima, we need to talk to Ricky. You and I know that they have not seen these mujers in a while.  I don’t want Jacki to get hurt. It is even worse for Ricky because they’re married and he did have a reputation of being a playboy,” says Paty, shaking her head.

“Si prima, but we also know that the mujers were the ones that were always after him. Our primo knew what he wanted and seized his happiness when he spotted Jacki,” says Bella, smiling with happiness. Si that is so romantic, thinks Bella.

“Jose Enrique said that Ricky is truly in love with Jacki.  Ricky told him that his alma recognized and bonded with Jacki’s alma from the first moment. He knew she’s his amor, su alma gemela,” says Paty, sighing.  Si, it’s so romantic and my primo is fantastic, thinks Paty.

“Oh how romantic, no wonder our primo eloped with Jacki, and he doesn’t want to let her go for anything. I want uno hombre to love me like that,” says Bella smiling, dreaming of meeting her amor, her alma gemela.

“Si prima, I do too,” says Paty, nodding in agreement.

They approach Ricky’s office. They aim to assist Ricky in anything that he needs to smooth the way with Jacki.

Ricky is on the phone talking to Jacki. “Si my Reina, I will go and have lunch with you. I miss you. I love you too. Adios,” he ends the call, looking at Paty and Bella with desperation on his face.

“Primas, pray for me. I don’t want Jacki to hear what has happened and to think the worst. I don’t want her to hurt. I don’t want to lose her. I love her,” says Ricky, with anguish in his voice.

“We know that, primo. We will talk to Jacki if we need to. We all know that you love her,” says Bella, nodding.

“Primo, don’t worry. You dated that twin a while back. We all know that. You weren’t seeing anybody when you fell in love with Jacki,” says Paty, smiling.

“Do you think I should tell her before someone else informs her of what has occurred today?” asks Ricky, looking at his primas.

“Si primo, I think that’s the best thing for you to do. If she hears anything from someone else, she’ll be getting their version. You need to tell her the truth,” says Bella, looking at Ricky.

Paty walks over to Ricky, gives him a hug. “Primo, I think that you should go to her now and spend the morning with her,” says Paty, with an encouraging smile.

“Si primo, maybe you can even bring her back with you so everybody can see that you’re very much in love and united,” says Bella, smiling.

“You know primas, you’re both right. I will do as you suggest. Thank you so much for all of your amor and support,” says Ricky, hugging them, giving each prima a beso on the cheek. He walks out of the office, striding down the hall, in a hurry to get to his Reina.


Chapter Thirty-Three


 Ricky is driving to his Reina’s house to speak to her about the events that just transpired at the office. He’s really anxious and concerned with what reaction Jacki will have.

He’s not concentrating on his driving. He almost ran a red light.  Damn, I better be more careful or I will not make it to see Jacki. Oh dios mio, please help me. Please allow my Reina to believe in my amor. I can’t lose her now that I just found her. She’s my vida, mi alma gemela, contemplates Ricky with anxiety.

Ricky pulls into the driveway of Jacki’s house, quickly turns his car off. Just as he exits the car, he sees Jacki run to him, right into his arms. Ricky quickly holds her in a tight hug.

Jacki’s arms embrace his neck, pulling him down for an urgent passionate beso. It seems like forever since I saw my baby. I missed him so much, thinks Jacki.

My Reina is happy to see me. It seems to have been forever since I have seen her. I love her and she’s mia, only mia. Ricky returns her beso with todo his amor and pasión. His hands stray down from her waist to her sweet tight rear end, pulling her closer. He hears Jacki moan and shudder.

A car passes by, honks, yelling out to get a room. That’s when Ricky remembers that they are in the drive way. He quickly pulls back to look at his Reina. “My Reina, let’s go inside before we get carried away out here,” says Ricky, pulling her close to his side. They walk into the house.

“Baby, I missed you.  I’m so glad that you’re here a little earlier than you said,” says Jacki, happy with a sexy voice.

“My Reina, I needed to get here and see you,” replies Ricky, beaming.

“Okay, baby. My padres had to go to an appointment and exams. I think that they said that they’ll be back round dinner time,” says Jacki, pulling Ricky into the house.

They enter the house. Ricky locks the door and pulls Jacki back into his arms. He kisses her, transmitting all of his desperation, need, and amor that he feels. His extreme fear of losing her is amplifying his emotions.

Ricky pulls back to ask her where her room is. “My Reina, where’s your room?”

“Down the hall on the right,” answers Jacki.  They walk to her room. As soon as they enter her room, Ricky makes sure to lock the door. Good thing we have a few hours to talk and make love. Dios mio, gracias, thinks Ricky.

Jacki pulls off his suit coat with excitement. “Baby, I want you,” says Jacki.  She pulls his tie off, unbuttons his shirt.  She kisses his entire chest as soon as it’s exposed. She rubs her hands all over him. Jacki loves to hear Ricky moan and feel him shudder when she loves him. Scrumptious, he tastes so good, thinks Jacki.

She’s killing me. I love her touch, smell, and taste, thinks Ricky urgently pulling off her blouse and bra. Finally he’s able to hold her exquisite breasts. I love her breasts. I need to taste them, thinks Ricky. He scoops Jacki into his arms and carries her to the bed.

“My Reina, I need you,” groans Ricky, with an enormous ache in his corazon. “I want to love you.” He loves her with todo su pasión. Ricky touches and kisses every single inch of her body, worshipping her with his alma and body.

Jacki can feel his need, his alma as he makes love to her. My baby’s loving is nourishment to my soul.

“Baby, please, I need you,” moans Jacki with need.

Ricky hears his Reina and her need. He quickly moves up to her, sinking into her, thrusting in and out, reaching their release together. Ricky and Jacki feel their alma, corazon, and body bond as one complete entity.

Hugging close and whispering their love. Ricky contemplates telling her what happened at the office. “My Reina, you know how much I love you. I know that we have been together a very short time. My entire being, alma has loved you forever. You know what I mean, don’t you my Reina?” asks Ricky, gazing into her eyes.

Jacki listens to Ricky, sees all of his amor for her and smiles. “Baby, I know that you love me, I can feel your amor and I can see your amor in your eyes. I know that we haven’t been together for long, but I also know that you’re mi alma. I love you, I loved you before we were together, and I will love you for eternity,” says Jacki, she pulls him down for a loving beso, nibbles his delicious lips.

After a moment Ricky pulls her closer to him. “My Reina, I left the office a little earlier to come see you. I want to let you know what transpired at the office this morning.  You know that we all thought it’d be crazy. It was extremely crazy. The good thing is that the media did write up stories on our elopement and the engagements. We consider it actually good advertising. So instead of getting upset, we deem it’s not negative. We feel it’s the true facts. Jose Enrique and I were discussing this, when we had very unexpected and unwanted visitors.”

“Baby, who showed up that got you and Jose Enrique upset?” asks Jacki. I can feel and see in Ricky’s eyes that he’s very upset, thinks Jacki.

“My Reina, you know that I dated before we met. You know that there has been lots of chicas in my vida,” states Ricky, gazing into Jacki’s eyes, trying to get a feel of her reaction. I don’t want to get her upset, thinks Ricky with anxiety.

“Baby, I know that a lot of chicas were always after you. Baby, I also know that you didn’t do anything to encourage them. I would see it all the time as I grew up. I also would see it from my office window or in the building,” says Jacki. I wonder what this is all about.  I know that my baby is a hunk and all of the chicas want him. I know that he loves me, only me, ponders Jacki, contemplating him.

“My Reina, I haven’t dated any mujer for the last few weeks. Not one, even before we started seeing each other. Until I saw you, I haven’t loved another mujer (woman). I did date lots of mujeres and you know that, right?” asks Ricky, gazing into his Reina’s eyes with all of his amor, praying that she sees the truth of his words.

“Baby, I know that. I know all about your playboy ways. I also know that you didn’t marry anybody, but me. I believe in you and tu amor,” states Jacki, looking into Ricky’s eyes.

“My Reina, Jose Enrique and I dated off and on these twin models when they were in town.  We didn’t have a serious relationship with them. I certainly didn’t have a relationship or feel anything for her. They showed up at the office today and they caused a huge nasty scene. They demanded explanations. I told her that I’m in love with you and I’m also extremely happily married to you. I told her very clearly that I didn’t want anything to do with her,” says Ricky.

Hmmm, I need to see if Jacki will understand, ponders Ricky, gazing into Jacki’s eyes. “My Reina, she had her arms around my neck and I was trying to get her to let go without hurting her, when Paty, Bella, and Jessy walked into the conference room. They witnessed and heard everything. You can ask them. I really did push her away from me and told her to get lost.”

He takes a deep breath, prays, dios mio please have her believe in my amor. I don’t want to lose her. “My Reina, please say that you believe me, and that I only love you.” His voice is deep with emotion.

Jacki hears him. I can’t believe that bitch. What does she think she’s doing? I should have been there to claw out her eyes. Ricky loves me. He married me. He didn’t want to marry her or else he would have. Who does she think that she’s messing with? I will kill her if she comes near my baby again, thinks Jacki with rage. The strong emotions that Jacki is feeling are causing her eyes to turn greener.

Ricky observes the strong emotions that cross over her eyes and face. Uh, hmm, I’m really confused. How is my Reina taking this news? I pray she believes in me. Ricky contemplates, waiting for her judgment.

My baby is justly scared. I can see it in his eyes. He should be scared. It’s not nice to have his ex near him, ohhhhhhhh. I should have been there! Nobody can get near my Baby, thinks Jacki with fury. He’s todo mio, only mio.

“Baby, I should have been at the office with you today. I could have clawed her eyes out. Baby, you’re todo mio. She’s crazy if she thinks she has any claim on you. Esta loca esa gringa (That white chick is crazy),” says Jacki, nodding with conviction. She pulls Ricky down for a hungry beso. “If she comes near you again, I will beat her!” states Jacki, furiously with lots of possessiveness.

Dios Mio, gracias, my Reina is not mad at me. Ricky pulls her close and kisses her with todo his amor and pasión.

Jacki pulls back to give him this one warning that he better heed. “Baby, I believe in you. I also know that she is the one that came looking for you. I would have beaten the shit out of her if I was there. I will beat any other stupid mujer that thinks of getting near you. I also will tell you this, I will only tell you once, Ricardo Emmanuel, if you ever cheat on me, I will kill you,” imparts Jacki, real sweetly staring into his eyes.

Ricky regards Jacki, gazing into her eyes, and he can establish that she’s extremely serious. My Reina is a little possessive and vicious. Who would have known that of my sweet serene Reina? Dios mio I love her. He smiles, gazing into her eyes.

“My Reina, you know that my corazon, alma and body belong only to you. I also know that, because I can feel your corazon, alma, and body, that you’re toda mia, only mia for eternity,” says Ricky, nodding. He states this with all of his amor reflecting in his hermoso green eyes.

“Baby, I love you. I will never, ever let you go,” states Jacki, pulling him down, kissing him with todo su amor.

“My Reina, I was so afraid that you would doubt my amor. I was also afraid that you would not believe me and I would lose you. Gracias for your true unconditional amor,” says Ricky with emotion, pulling Jacki closer.

Ricky and Jacki are in their own special world. Ricky loves Jacki for the rest of the afternoon only stopping to feed their other hunger.  In the evening, Ricky and Jacki enjoy watching a movie in the family room. Her padres return home.

“Buenas noches Senora and Senor Cortez,” says Ricky, standing to greet them.

“How are you, Ricky?” asks Senor Cortez sitting down on the chair looking at his niña and her esposo.

“I’m doing well,” replies Ricky nodding.

“Buenas noches, Ricky,” says Mama Rosa, smiling.

“Would you like something to drink?” asks Mama Rosa, smiling.

“No, I’m good, gracias,” answers Ricky, returning to sit next to Jacki.

“I’m doing well,” says Ricky. “We’re waiting to see how your appointment went? Is everything okay?”

“Si Ricky, all the exams came out okay and thank you for asking,” says Señor Cortez, nodding, smiling.

“That sounds great. I want to take Jacki to my house to spend a little time with my padres. Will that be okay?” asks Ricky looking at his suegros.

“Of course,” replies Señor Cortez, with pleasure. Si, he’s a very well-mannered young man, thinks Señor Cortez, nodding.

“Gracias,” says Ricky, standing and pulling Jacki into his side. “We’ll be back soon.”

“Si, say hi to my compadres,” says Señor Cortez nodding.

“Si I will,” replies Ricky, walking to the door. They leave her padres’ house.


Chapter Thirty-Four

The next day Jacki went into work. She’s very excited as she walks down the hall towards her office where she works with other accountants. Three accountants are a little closer to her and are her amigas, Sally Ann, Susan and Debbie.

Nobody has arrived yet. I always get in earlier than the rest of the associates. I like to be here a little while and work in peace without all the gossiping that goes on all day. I know that they will be a nuisance until I tell them all the details. Si, that’s why I have our wedding photos to keep them occupied until I finish my job.

It’s different now that I’m married to Ricky.  I have to be careful of what I say.  I don’t want any problemas with my Baby and his familia. I have to be sure to keep our vidas confidential. The employees don’t need to know about our familia vidas.

The best thing about working here is that we are able to eat lunch together. We can see a little more of each other in the day.  I just can’t wait until we’re living in our own house, ponders Jacki with alegría.

I have to leave early to meet with Erica. We’re going to plan out the details for our church ceremony, reception, food, and music. It’s going to be so much fun. Good thing that we’re good amigas.

Walking into the office is one of her colleagues in the accounting department.

“Good morning, Jacki,” says Debbie, walking over to her desk. Debbie is a few years older than Jacki.  They have always enjoyed working together.  She looks at Jacki with mixed feelings. I know her, but now she’s the wife of my employer, consequently my employer. Will she become a monster and stop being the sweet person I know, contemplates Debbie with apprehension.

“Hi Debbie,” says Jacki smiling, turning to look up. She turns to continue with her work.

Debbie walks over to Jacki, stands next to her desk. “Jacki, is it true that you married Mr. Ricardo De La Cruz?” asks Debbie. She looks at Jacki waiting for her confirmation.

Jacki turns around smiling. “Yes Debbie, I did marry Ricky,” replies Jacki, glowing. She looks up to her colleague and amiga, Debbie. “Do you want to see the photos? I put the album on that desk. You can look at the photos if you want,” says Jacki, turning around to continue working.

Debbie continues to stand and stare at Jacki.  It’s totally unreal.  Jacki is still sweet and working hard as ever, thinks Debbie smiling.  “Jacki, show me your rings, everybody is talking about your elopement,” she leans over to look at her hand.

Jacki stops typing, turns, looks at Debbie smiling. “Debbie, yes, my rings are beautiful. Ricky and I selected them,” says Jacki beaming, her eyes shining with happiness.

At that moment, the other accounting colleagues Sally Ann and Susan enter the office, and squeal when they see that Jacki is in the office. “Oh my god Jacki, it’s so exciting, it’s like a fairytale. Let me see the rings!” squeals Susan again, jumping up and down with excitement.

“Girl, you’re so lucky! He’s such a hunk. Nobody can believe that the De La Cruz playboy got married and to our sweet Jacki,” says Sally Ann, grinning, rushing over to look at the rings.

Susan moves around Debbie, to get a closer to look at Jacki’s rings.

“Gosh, they’re so beautiful! I’m so happy for you,” squeaks Susan, giving Jacki a hug.

“Susan, I was just telling Debbie that I brought in the photos of our wedding for you to see if you want to,” says Jacki nodding, indicating the table across the room.  She then turns around to continue to work.

Susan, Sally Ann, and Debbie run to the desk to look at the wedding photos. “Jacki, you look so beautiful, just like a queen,” says Sally Ann, smiling.944789_408474929267651_103086891_n

“Jacki, your husband looks really in love with you. You’re a lucky girl!” squeaks Debbie, nodding with pleasure.

“Yes, we’re very much in love.” states Jacki, turning around to smile. The cell phone rings. Jacki knows it’s her Baby.

“Baby,” whispers Jacki, turning around, trying to gain some privacy. This is not going to work. They will know all about our vidas and then the entire company will know. I better learn to be short and sweet, thinks Jacki.

“My Reina, I love you. I will go over to your office around 11:30 to pick you up for our lunch date. I miss you already,” says Ricky, with lots of hunger in his voice.

“Baby, you know I do too. Yes, I will be waiting for you. Love you,” Jacki ends his call and continues to work hard.

Debbie, Sally Ann, and Susan start to work as soon as they finish looking at the wedding photos.

They know that Jacki is very private and also a hard worker. It’s very obvious that she’s still going to work hard as always.

That’s a huge relief to them considering the position that she now has. It is unreal, thinks Susan, looking at Jacki.

♥  ♥  ♥

Jose Enrique calls Ricky, advising him of the meeting at eleven with Gabriel.

“Primo, I have great news, Gabriel called and wants to meet at eleven. I told him that was a good time,” says Jose Enrique, smiling with gusto.

“Yeah, I’m real contento that he’s able to get some leave. I really want to make sure that we have that position taken care of before our bodas. Let me know when he gets here,” says Ricky, nodding, smiling.

A few minutes to eleven his secretary Ms. Jones advises that Gabriel is here.

“Mr. De La Cruz, your eleven o’clock appointment is here, Mr. Corona,” says Ms. Jones.

“Ms. Jones, please bring him into my office,” requests Jose Enrique. Jose Enrique calls Ricky to get him to come to his office.

“Primo, Gabriel is here to discuss our job proposal. Can you please come to my office?” asks Jose Enrique.

“Si primo, I’ll be there in a few,” says Ricky. He stands and pulls on his coat.

♥  ♥  ♥

 “Yes, Mr. De La Cruz,” replies Ms. Jones. She stands, walks to the door. “Mr. Corona, can you please follow me.”

“Of course,” replies Gabriel, standing to follow the receptionist.  They walk down the hall, turn the corner, and enter Jose Enrique’s office.

Jose Enrique stands, greets Gabriel, beaming with pleasure. He walks around his desk, hugs and slaps him on his back with enthusiasm. “Nice to see you, Gabriel,” says Jose Enrique. He turns to look at his secretary. “Thanks, Ms. Jones.”

“Would you like anything else, sir?” asks Ms. Jones brightly.

“Gabriel, would you like something to drink?” asks Jose Enrique, turning to Gabriel.

“I’m good, thanks,” answers Gabriel, scanning the office.

“Nothing for now Ms. Jones, thanks,” says Jose Enrique to his secretary, smiling.

Ms. Jones smiles, walks out of the office.

Ricky walks into the office just after Ms. Jones exits. Ricky strides over to Gabriel and hugs him. “Hola primo, it’s great that you were able to meet with us today,” says Ricky, grinning.

“I agree, Ricky. It worked out that our instructor has some of his own personal errands to take care of. He decided not to take our training into the weekend. It’s a great help for me.  My padres are coming over manana to talk to your tios. I also wanted to discuss the interesting job proposal,” says Gabriel, looking at Jose Enrique and Ricky.

Ricky walks over to the door, closes it, and turns around. “Why don’t we sit down and discuss the job proposal?” says Ricky, nodding with pleasure.

They sit down into the deep rich burgundy leather arm chairs that are arranged across from the matching leather sofa seating area. Jose Enrique had this seating area arranged by the floor to ceiling window looking over the city and mountains.

“Si primo, we’re real excited to have you work for the familia and especially since you’re now part of the familia,” says Ricky, looking at Gabriel.

“Si primo, we know that you’re qualified for this position. You’ll be the demolitions manager. You will have a crew to work for you. You will handle everything that is needed to get the job done. We want you to review the crew we have now and select the ones that you feel are qualified to work on your team. You will be responsible for your team, all of the materials, and equipment your team will need to complete the jobs,” says Jose Enrique, looking at Gabriel and observing his reaction.

“We know that you have the experience, knowledge, skills, and your business degree that all designates you for this position,” says Ricky, nodding in agreement with Jose Enrique.

“Christian was here this morning running an errand for the familia. He highly recommends you for this position. He said that you’re the man for this job,” says Jose Enrique, smiling. I feel that Gabriel will fit in perfectly with the familia and the company’s goals, thinks Jose Enrique.

“I see that you have already looked into my background. I really appreciate that you recognize my abilities. The job sounds like it will be ideal for my experience. I do feel that we can work together and accomplish great job projects. I will be available after my duty with the Navy expires,” says Gabriel. He looks real happy at los primos.

“Primo, I’m happy that you will accept our job proposal.  We’ll give Bella the details of your start date as soon as you advise us.  You will be starting off as an experienced manager. I know you will be very pleased with the salary,” says Jose Enrique, nodding, confident with the offer.

“We also want to remind you that as Erica’s esposo you’ll also have shares in the company stock that’s part of Erica’s,” says Ricky.

“Gabriel, this means that you’ll also be part owner of the familia compania along with Erica,” says Jose Enrique, grinning.

I’m happy that Erica’s esposo will be able to participate in the familia compania on her behalf, contemplates Jose Enrique.

“Wow! I never realized that the job offer has so many benefits. I can understand your concern and acknowledgement of my position as Erica’s esposo. I will always put all my effort in making Erica happy and deliver all I have in my work performance with the familia in every thought out decision,” says Gabriel with immense appreciation for what is being offered.

“Gabriel, we’re muy happy that you’ll be working for the familia,” says Jose Enrique.

“Si Gabriel, now we can start planning our luna de miel,” says Ricky, looking at his primo, grinning.

Gabriel looks at his new primos, immensely pleased with the job offer, smiling at Jose Enrique and Ricky.

“Are you going to take Erica to the club tonight?” asks Ricky, I need to go. I need to get my Reina and have lunch, thinks Ricky. “We’re all going to be there.”

“I’ll ask Erica to see if she wants to go. I believe she’s not into the club scene,” says Gabriel, standing to leave.

“Try to make it primo. Let us know when you can start,” says Jose Enrique. He stands to shake Gabriel’s hand.

“I’ll keep in contact with you. I have to go to see Erica,” says Gabriel. He grins with happiness.

“Adios primos, I have to go get my Reina for lunch,” says Ricky, walking out of the room in a hurry.

“Adios, primo,” says Gabriel, exiting the office, striding down the hall to catch the elevator.

“Adios,” says Jose Enrique, smiling, turning to answer the phone that is ringing.