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Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 by P.T. Macias 6.28.14 Supernatural -Kindle

Wild Rebel, Tequila 10

Tequila 10 Supernatural Realm Enforcers Elite Ops

Tequila 10 is a new series that’s full of paranormal entities. Werewolves, vhampiers, dragons, and a sorcerer are the supernatural realm enforcers. The special operatives work with the government, using their special abilities but also have their own agenda. Special operative monitor the supernatural community, even as they are swept into a whirlwind of love, truths, and untold passions. The supernatural realms are threatened and endangered. Time is running out! The enforcers are desperate to stop the menace.

Rebel, the youngest Vhampier prince, loves his independence, his life, and his women. His Father, the Emperor Vlastimir, has commanded Rebel to stop his wild rebel ways and select a mate, to procreate.

Rebel continues to enjoy his chosen lifestyle until he meets the beautiful, sexy, passionate werewolf, Amber Johnson. Rebel and Amber merge as one, against all odds. Their passion explodes. Their souls bond. Secrets are exposed.

Will their love survive the obstacles?

Delicious Excerpt ~ 

A few days later, Gregory anxiously drives down the coast to the Hell’s Night club that’s located across from the ocean front in southern California. The waves crash against the golden sand, foaming into bubbles like champagne. The night is clear and the moon shines on the sea creating a shimmering, black satin ribbon.

The club is full of young adults having fun, dancing and drinking. This club is the favorite haunt of the supernatural entities. Humans are allowed to enter the club but only with a supernatural escort.

The strong rock music blasts in the room, pumping up the mood and blood in their bodies.Rebel

Hell, this place is rocking crazy, thinks Rebel. He walks down the room towards the bar. He leans against the counter at the bar. He turns to order a glass of whiskey. He then turns around, and he taps his fingers on the counter to the beat of the song. Rebel watches the couples move to the beat in sensual dance.

Hell, I know she’s here. I can feel her. He turns to the right to watch a beautiful, sexy girl sway to the music in a fluid sensual movement. She raises her delicate feminine arms and waves her hands up in the air, smiling a small sexy smile. She closes her eyes, her incredible long thick eyelashes fan above her fair flushed checks. Her hands sway along with the beat, as she feels the powerful musical pitch seep into her body, vibrating in every muscle. The fact that she’s a werewolf magnifies the sensation as her hearing is extra sensitive.

She’s wearing a sexy black skirt and a silver top that clings to every curve. Her long, golden-brown hair glimmers with the lights, swaying softly and silkily around her shoulders with each move. The huge silver hoops in her ears swing along with her moves, drawing attention to her beautiful face. She’s a sexy and passionate young beauty.

She gazes into his beautiful brilliant blue eyes, smiling her small sexy smile. I’m waiting for him to make the first move. I know that he’s a Vhampier. I know that he’s Prince Gregory Vlastimir. And I know that he knows I’m a werewolf. Oh, but how sweet this mutual passion feels, thinks Amber.

His eyes glow, drinking up the sight of her passionate dance. He takes a drink of his whiskey, nodding. Hell, yeah, she’s mine. I know I shouldn’t mess around with Amber but I can’t help it. I’ve been seeing her every week. We dance a couple of songs, and I take a couple of sweet kisses. I’ve learned all about her. We talk a little. We spend some time together. Then I force myself to leave when it gets intense.

Amber opens her huge green eyes, smiles her small secret sexy smile. She gazes into Rebel’s eyes.Amber Johnson - Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 6.27.14

Oh yeah, he’s what I’ve always dreamed of. I can’t wait to make love. I know we will because our souls cried out from the moment that we ran into each other on the dance floor weeks ago. I’ve returned every week to see him. She continues swaying to the intense pounding beat.

Rebel squints his eyes, slowly scans her body, and pushes away from the bar. Amber wants me as much as I want her, I know it. I can feel it.
Rebel walks over to her and pulls her into his arms. He holds her close, leans close to her ear. “Amber, I want to dance all night with you,” he whispers.

Amber shudders as she feels the intense burning sensation run through her body. Oh yes, I know that when we finally make love there’s going to be an inferno.

“Gregory, I want to dance all night with you,” whispers Amber. She reaches up and nibbles his ear, enjoying his groan. She wraps her arms around his neck and they sway to the music.

Rebel holds her close, erupting into a fierce inferno. He shudders from the intense emotions running rampant.

They dance for a couple more songs, holding on tight to one another, and kissing.

Hell, this is exactly what we’ve been doing, kissing and dancing. This is not going to be enough tonight, not when I’ve made up my mind to have her. I’m not fighting it anymore.

He moves to a corner of the dance floor, holding her closer. He pulls away to kiss down her neck. “Amber, I want you.” He shudders, clenching his jaw to control the intense emotions erupting out of control.

Oh hell, I can feel her tight nipples against my chest. Her hot spicy scent is driving me insane.


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Phantom, Razer 8 and Darlin Storm, Tequila 6.28.14.. 8000x5536

Darlin Storm, Tequila 10 By P.T. Macias

Darlin Storm, Tequila 10 by P.T. Macias

Dawn meets her true mate, but he doesn’t smell her scent. He’s totally clueless that she’s his. She suffers for what seems like an eternity before he realizes who she is. Thunder sees Dawn as another sister, unaware that he is hurting her. When they are thrown together on a mission, he discovers that things have changed in a BIG way. Can their love survive what the mission has in store for them?

Storm, Sophia Davis, is working on Tequila 10 special operative team for the government. The team has special abilities.

The notorious half century old prophesy hasn’t been fulfilled. Storm is waiting for her Chosen to show up to bond her soul and heart.

Phantom is oblivious of his true nature or his destiny. He lives life staying in the dark, silently observing the world turn. He feels that he’s never truly fit or felt at home anywhere. He feels his life is a phantom of what life should be.

Storm and Phantom are on a mission to gather intel. They’re destined to cross paths and are immediately thrown into a tornado of love, truths, and passions. Are they destined to merge as one?

Phantom, Razer 8 ptmacias.com

Excerpt – Adult Content

Storm walks into the building looking for the apartment number. Ok I’m taking the stairs because I’m too anxious to wait for the elevator. I need to get inside the apartment, she thinks.

Storm races up the stairs in no time. She strides down the hallway to the end and stops at number 310. She inserts the key and walks in.

Storm turns to close the door and locks it. She inhales deeply; she instantly smells the steaks as she walks inside the apartment. I wonder if Phantom is here. Ok, it smells delicious in here. My entire body is on fire, omg. This heat is getting worse.

She pulls up her hair, fanning herself with her hand. I wonder if I’m going to be able to work. Hmm, it smells like steak and something very, very delicious, she thinks.

Storm looks around the living room and walks further in. She turns to look at the furniture. She throws her bag on the sofa, nodding.

Hell yes, it’s nice for being small. I think that Phantom is here and cooking. Damn, what a wonderful boyfriend I have, she thinks, grinning.

She pulls up her hair, fanning herself. Oh gawd, I’m dying. She opens up her shirt a little more.

“Babe, I’m home,” yells Storm. She walks to the kitchen, smiling.

Huh, Babe? Yeah, she’s insane, he thinks. He shakes his head and turns off the water. He turns to greet her. Hell! She’s beautiful and insanely sexy. Oh wow, she totally turns me on, he thinks.

He blinks with surprise. Damn, I don’t usually react instantly and with this intensity to women.

He shifts to relieve his aching cock. He leans against the counter. His button up shirt, last two buttons are unbuttoned, the shirt flaps open as he crosses his arms.

Storm stops dead in her tracks. Her smile turns to surprise and pleasure. Omg, omg the scent is him. My Chosen! Oh yeah, it’s him! I love his scent and I’m so ready for him, she thinks. She closes her eyes and inhales deeply, with pleasure.

Yep, he’s my mate and he’s simply scrumptious. I’ve never smelled anything like his scent. Yep, he’s made for me, only me. He’s totally mine. I’m thrilled that finally I found him. I thought he wasn’t here on earth, she thinks.

Darlin Storm, Tequila 10 By P.T. Macias 4.17.14

Storm is mystified and she reads him. Omg, he doesn’t have a clue about being a were-wolf, being the Chosen, and about me. Damn, Fierce did this. He’s known all along. No wonder he winked this morning. He’s never winked at me before, she thinks, irritated.

Phantom runs his eyes down her beautiful toned body and then back up to her exquisite face. Oh wow, she’s pissed? She was happy a few minutes ago. What’s up, he thinks. Phantom blinks, he observes her facial expressions.

Damn it, what am I going to do? Oh yeah, I see that Phantom’s body will revive. His scrumptious body has started to revive to its true form. Oh damn, but he doesn’t know he’s a were-wolf. Damn it, she thinks.

She looks at Phantom’s gorgeous face and runs her eyes down his huge body. Damn, I love his beautiful blue eyes. He’s wearing a nice trimmed goatee.

She reads him. Oh, he’s trying to hide his dimple. I can’t wait to see it. Oh yeah, he’s gorgeous everywhere. Hmmm, he looks like he’s ready for me and I’m not going to be able to keep off him for long, she thinks.

Storm bites her lower lip, moaning with need. She rests her hands on her hips. She squeezes her hips, trying to keep her hands under control.

“Hello Storm, I’ve made us an early lunch,” says Phantom. He narrows his eyes to look at her.

Her thin silk shirt clings to every curve. She has full firm breasts and a small waist with nice hips. Damn I can see her breasts swell. Hell, her nipples are nice and tight. Damn, her smell is exquisite. Uh, she’s driving me insane, he thinks.

Storm takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, nodding with pleasure. “It smells delicious and I’m starving. I could really devour you right now,” says Storm.

Hmmm, she can anytime she wants, thinks Phantom, grinning. I wonder if she’s aware of what she said.

“Darlin Storm, I don’t have any issues with that. I’m ready when you are,” replies Phantom.

His body is wakening up to his true nature. Phantom closes his eyes. He takes a swift deep breath and breaths in her scent.

Phantom, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias 5.4.14

His cock instantly gets harder and weeps. Oh hell, I can smell her arousal, her need. Her scent is driving me insane. I’ve never reacted to any women scent like this. I’m so aware of her delicious sweet scent, he thinks. Damn, I have to control myself. I don’t want to cause any issues here with my work associate.

Phantom takes a deep breath, trying to take control of his body. He quickly regrets it as he feels out of control and crazy with need.

Oh yes, he’s smells my scent. He’s smells my heat, my arousal. He’s fighting this, she thinks.

Storm observes Phantom’s face. She sees him struggle with these intense emotions. She looks down at his crotch.

Hmmm, his cock looks delicious peeking out of his waist. I wonder if he’s aware of this. Oh damn, I can’t wait to love him and feel his cock deep inside my aching pussy, she thinks, moaning.

She bites her lower lip, trying to control her moans. She pulls her hair up and with her hand she fans herself. “Uh, Phantom the steaks are burning,” whispers Storm. “So am I.”

Phantom swears and turns around to take the pan off the burner. He quickly takes the tongs and places the steaks on each plate.

He shakes his head with frustration. I need to take a shower, I’m burning up. I just met her and I don’t see how she would agree to make love. Huh, make love? Oh yeah, sweet intense love, he thinks, nodding.

Phantom turns to get some water from the sink to splash it on his face. Uh, did I hear her correctly? She’s burning up? Oh gawd, I’m going crazy. I’m hearing wrong.

Darlin Storm, Tequila 10 and Phantom, Razer 8 By P.T. Macias 5.1.14


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