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Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 by P.T. Macias 6.28.14 Supernatural -Kindle

Wild Rebel, Tequila 10

Tequila 10 Supernatural Realm Enforcers Elite Ops

Tequila 10 is a new series that’s full of paranormal entities. Werewolves, vhampiers, dragons, and a sorcerer are the supernatural realm enforcers. The special operatives work with the government, using their special abilities but also have their own agenda. Special operative monitor the supernatural community, even as they are swept into a whirlwind of love, truths, and untold passions. The supernatural realms are threatened and endangered. Time is running out! The enforcers are desperate to stop the menace.

Rebel, the youngest Vhampier prince, loves his independence, his life, and his women. His Father, the Emperor Vlastimir, has commanded Rebel to stop his wild rebel ways and select a mate, to procreate.

Rebel continues to enjoy his chosen lifestyle until he meets the beautiful, sexy, passionate werewolf, Amber Johnson. Rebel and Amber merge as one, against all odds. Their passion explodes. Their souls bond. Secrets are exposed.

Will their love survive the obstacles?

Delicious Excerpt ~ 

A few days later, Gregory anxiously drives down the coast to the Hell’s Night club that’s located across from the ocean front in southern California. The waves crash against the golden sand, foaming into bubbles like champagne. The night is clear and the moon shines on the sea creating a shimmering, black satin ribbon.

The club is full of young adults having fun, dancing and drinking. This club is the favorite haunt of the supernatural entities. Humans are allowed to enter the club but only with a supernatural escort.

The strong rock music blasts in the room, pumping up the mood and blood in their bodies.Rebel

Hell, this place is rocking crazy, thinks Rebel. He walks down the room towards the bar. He leans against the counter at the bar. He turns to order a glass of whiskey. He then turns around, and he taps his fingers on the counter to the beat of the song. Rebel watches the couples move to the beat in sensual dance.

Hell, I know she’s here. I can feel her. He turns to the right to watch a beautiful, sexy girl sway to the music in a fluid sensual movement. She raises her delicate feminine arms and waves her hands up in the air, smiling a small sexy smile. She closes her eyes, her incredible long thick eyelashes fan above her fair flushed checks. Her hands sway along with the beat, as she feels the powerful musical pitch seep into her body, vibrating in every muscle. The fact that she’s a werewolf magnifies the sensation as her hearing is extra sensitive.

She’s wearing a sexy black skirt and a silver top that clings to every curve. Her long, golden-brown hair glimmers with the lights, swaying softly and silkily around her shoulders with each move. The huge silver hoops in her ears swing along with her moves, drawing attention to her beautiful face. She’s a sexy and passionate young beauty.

She gazes into his beautiful brilliant blue eyes, smiling her small sexy smile. I’m waiting for him to make the first move. I know that he’s a Vhampier. I know that he’s Prince Gregory Vlastimir. And I know that he knows I’m a werewolf. Oh, but how sweet this mutual passion feels, thinks Amber.

His eyes glow, drinking up the sight of her passionate dance. He takes a drink of his whiskey, nodding. Hell, yeah, she’s mine. I know I shouldn’t mess around with Amber but I can’t help it. I’ve been seeing her every week. We dance a couple of songs, and I take a couple of sweet kisses. I’ve learned all about her. We talk a little. We spend some time together. Then I force myself to leave when it gets intense.

Amber opens her huge green eyes, smiles her small secret sexy smile. She gazes into Rebel’s eyes.Amber Johnson - Wild Rebel, Tequila 10 6.27.14

Oh yeah, he’s what I’ve always dreamed of. I can’t wait to make love. I know we will because our souls cried out from the moment that we ran into each other on the dance floor weeks ago. I’ve returned every week to see him. She continues swaying to the intense pounding beat.

Rebel squints his eyes, slowly scans her body, and pushes away from the bar. Amber wants me as much as I want her, I know it. I can feel it.
Rebel walks over to her and pulls her into his arms. He holds her close, leans close to her ear. “Amber, I want to dance all night with you,” he whispers.

Amber shudders as she feels the intense burning sensation run through her body. Oh yes, I know that when we finally make love there’s going to be an inferno.

“Gregory, I want to dance all night with you,” whispers Amber. She reaches up and nibbles his ear, enjoying his groan. She wraps her arms around his neck and they sway to the music.

Rebel holds her close, erupting into a fierce inferno. He shudders from the intense emotions running rampant.

They dance for a couple more songs, holding on tight to one another, and kissing.

Hell, this is exactly what we’ve been doing, kissing and dancing. This is not going to be enough tonight, not when I’ve made up my mind to have her. I’m not fighting it anymore.

He moves to a corner of the dance floor, holding her closer. He pulls away to kiss down her neck. “Amber, I want you.” He shudders, clenching his jaw to control the intense emotions erupting out of control.

Oh hell, I can feel her tight nipples against my chest. Her hot spicy scent is driving me insane.


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